May Weather Summary for Dodge City

The average temperature for May 2007 at the Dodge City Regional Airport was 65.0 degrees, which was 1.2 degrees above normal.  The average high was 76.7 degrees and the average low was 53.2.  The highest temperature was 86 degrees on the 14th and the lowest was 42 on the 16th. 

The total precipitation for the month was 2.35 inches, which was 0.65 inches below normal.  The highest 24 hour precipitation amount was on the 23rd and 24th with a total of 1.08 inches.  Hail was reported at the airport on the 4th and the 23rd.  Thunderstorms on the evening of the 23rd produced large hail in Dodge City with stones as big as golf balls.  In addition to the large hail, very strong winds accompanied the storms.  A gust to 67 mph from the south was reported at the airport before the wind sensor became disabled.  No snow fell during the month and the total snowfall for the 2006-07 season ended with 18.7 inches.

The average wind speed for the month was 12.1 mph and the highest gust was 67 mph on the 23rd.  The amount of sunshine for May was 66 percent.

On May 4th Greensburg took a direct hit from a large tornado.  This tornado was rated an EF-5 on the new enhanced scale and this is the highest rating a tornado can receive.  The Greensburg tornado was the strongest recorded since May 3rd 1999 when an F5 tornado hit Moore Oklahoma.

For the month of May, Larned and Hudson recorded 14.04 inches and 13.16 inches of precipitation respectively.  Both locations established records for the month.    Offerle 5S also set a record with 8.55 inches of precipitation.

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