The Heat is on - again

After a short respite over the weekend, the heat has returned too much of western Kansas with a vengeance!  High temperatures once again broke the century mark across the area.  But, is this unusual?

The four day stretch of at least 105 degrees at Dodge City from the 17th through the 20th of July was the longest streak since 1980 when there were 12 straight days of at least 106 degrees!  In 1937 there were five straight days of at least 105 degrees and a repeat of the same occurred in 1936.  Records go back to 1874 at Dodge City.

The "normal" number of 100 degree days at Dodge City is 14.  So far in 2006, including Tuesday the 25th, there have been nine days of high temperatures above the century mark.  The greatest number of 100 degree days at Dodge City was 42 in 1934.  We have a long way to go for that!   But, what might be more reavling is the warmth that has occurred since January.

The average daily temperature from January 1st through June 30th was the warmest start to the year locally. 

Warmest Start To The Year At Dodge City

Warmest Start of the Year (January through June)

Looking at weather patterns it appears that 2006 may go down as the second warmest year on record (but, a lot could change between now and then).  The warmest year by far was in 1936.  The trend is certainly upwards!

Click on the thumbnail for a graph of yearly temperatures for Dodge City

Average Daily Temperatures for  Year at Dodge City

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