The Summer of 2006 So Far

July 2006 ended as one of the top 25 hottest Julys’ on record at Dodge City with an average daily temperature of 82.1 degrees which is 2.3 degrees above average.  The hottest July by far was in 1934 and 1980 when the average was 87.3 and 87.2 degrees respectively. The 30 year average (normal) is 79.9 degrees.

 Graph of average daily tempeartures for July
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There were 10 days in which the mercury reached the century mark at the Dodge City airport.  The average number of days in July is 7.  The normal for an entire year is 14 days and so far in 2006 there have been 12 days of 100 degrees.

 Days of 100 degrees in July
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The more alarming statistic though is that from January through the end of July the average daily temperature was the warmest on record (132 years of data) for Dodge City! The daily average through July was 58.8 which is 4.2 degrees above the 30 year normal.  It will take some very cold months the balance of the year to get the yearly average to below normal.  Even if the rest of the year was “normal”, 2006 would end up being the sixth warmest year on record!

 Average daily temperature since January
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July also ended up relatively dry at the airport where 2.04 inches of rain fell…1.13” below normal.  However, parts of the local area were even drier.  There was even a report about 10 miles south of Dodge City where only 2.20” of rain has fallen since January!  For the year there is a 4.33 inch deficit at Dodge City.    But, add this to deficits since June 2001 and the departure is a whopping 19.28” below normal in those 62 months!  Combining this precipitation deficit to the heat and it’s taking a toll on the landscape where it hasn’t rained lately.

 Rainfall Deficits Since June 2001
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 Precipitatin deficit/surplus since June 2001
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There were areas of western Kansas that received normal to above normal precipitation for July.


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