August Weather Summary for Dodge City

The average temperature for August 2007 at the Dodge City Regional Airport was 81.9 degrees, which was 3.7 degrees above normal.  This was the 11th hottest August on record.

Hottest August Temperatures for Dodge City

The average high was 95.2 degrees and the average low was 68.5 degrees.  The highest temperature was 104 degrees on August 11th.  There were a total of 10 days during the month that reached at least 100 degrees.  No records were set during the month.

The total precipitation for the month was 3.69 inches, which was 0.96 inches above normal.  Most of that precipitation fell in one day.  On the 23rd there was a total of 3.07 inches that fell at the airport.  There was one report of 5.02 inches in the north part of Dodge City that evening and overnight with several six inch amounts reported towards Wright.   The total precipitation since January 1st has been 15.42 inches, which is two inches below normal.  The highest 24 hour precipitation was 3.10 inches on the 23rd and 24th.  The average wind speed was 12.0 mph and the highest gust was 74 mph on the 23rd.  The amount of sunshine for August was 78 percent.

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