Where did the snow go?

After receiving 19.6 inches of snow at the Dodge City airport through January of this year, Mother Nature did a disappearing act on snow at least at Dodge City.

For February, March and April, only a tenth of an inch of snow was reported at the Dodge City airport.  This is the second lowest amount ever recorded in weather history at Dodge City.  Only a trace fell during this same period in 1904 and 1930.

The 30 year average for this same period is 10.3 inches (see graph) <a href="/ddc/news/snowfall.gif" target="_blank">Normal Snowfall and 2004/2005 totals</a>

The following graph displays the 10 smallest amounts of snow for the same period.<a href="/ddc/news/record_lowest.gif" target="_blank">Top ten lowest amounts of snow Feb-Apr</a>

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