Widespread Rain Falls Across the Area

A strong storm that brought very heavy snow to part of the Rockies also brought widespread and in some cases heavy rain across most of the local area.<p>  Rain began to fall in the early morning hours on 10/10/05 and for the most part ended late on 10/11/05. Most of this rain fell in a 36 hour period. After it was all said and done many areas measured well over 1 inch of moisture.  This amount of soaking rain will play a big part in the fall planted wheat.<p> A map showing where the rain fell and how much is located here. <a href="/ddc/news/Oct10_11_rainfall.jpg" target="_blank">Rainfall Totals For The Local Area</a>. There were a couple of reports of nearly 2.50" in Dodge City. <p>There was also  at least one record set.  At the Dodge City airport, 1.74" of rain fell in a 24 hour period on the 10th which establishes a record.  The previous record for the day was 1.14" which fell in 1973.  The normal precipitation for the entire month of October in Dodge City is 1.42"

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