November Weather Summary for Dodge City

November weather was relatively cool, especially toward the end of the month. The week before Thanksgiving, unseasonably cold air invaded the region and brought some of the coldest air of the fall. During the cold outbreak another couple of episodes of snow occurred, although generally light.

For the month the average temperature at the Dodge City airport was 41.9 degrees which was 1.2 degrees below normal. The warmest temperature occurred on the 16th when the mercury rose to 73 degrees at Dodge City. The coldest was 15 degrees which was observed on the 27th. The first killing freeze of the fall at Dodge City occurred on the 6th when the temperature fell to 28 degrees at the airport. No record high or low temperatures were established during the month.

Precipitation was about normal with 0.80 inches measured at the airport. Normal is 0.76 inches. Snowfall at the Dodge City airport was 2.3 inches and brings the seasonal total to 5 inches which is about double the normal amount for the first two months of the cold season.

The daily average wind of 12.5 MPH for November was below normal. The highest wind speed measured at the Dodge City airport was 56 MPH as strong south winds prevailed on the 3rd of the month.

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