Past Thanksgiving Weather for Duluth

Duluth Thanksgiving Day Weather

Temperature Data

The warmest Thanksgiving Day occurred on the 26th of November
in 1914 with a high temperature of 52. The coldest was on November
28th  in 1985 with a low of 15 below zero.
Snow Data
Most snowfall on Thanksgiving day was 7.5  inches on
November 25th in 1993.
Greatest snow depth on Thanksgiving day was 17 inches on
November 24th in 1983.

The average snow depth for the Thanksgiving week period ranges from 2 inches on the 22nd of November    to 4 inches on the 28th of November.

There have been 18 Thanksgiving days over the past 32 years
with at least 1 inch or more of snow on the ground.
Significant Snowstorms During Thanksgiving Week
During the Thanksgiving week from Nov 22-Nov 24, 1983 with
Thanksgiving day on the 24th … 20.7 inches of snow fell.
Totals by day included  2.9 inches on the 22nd ...16.5 inches on
the 23rd and 1.3 in on the 24th. For that week, from Tuesday Nov
22 through Monday Nov 28th in 1983, a total of 30.6 inches of
snow had fallen.     
Other snowy Thanksgiving periods include…
* November 26th in 1965 with 14.7  inches  of snow falling the day
   after Thanksgiving.
* November 27th in 1994 saw 12.4 inches of snow  3 days after

      2010 Thanksgiving Day Data     

Max……….…. 29


Pcpn…………. 0.03


Snow Depth…. 9     




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