A Chilly End to 2013

Cold Snaps of December 2013

At Duluth, MN:


At International Falls, MN:

In December, the Duluth, MN Airport recorded 8 dates in December with a temperature of -15 degrees  or colder.  The coldest temperature recorded in December at the Duluth airport  was -21 on the 30th and 31st. The temperature for the month was
35 degrees  on the 27th.
  The International Falls, MN Airport had a record of 8 days with a temperature of less than -30 F in December. This breaks the old record of 7 days. The coldest temperature was -37 on the morning of the 30th. The high temperature for the month was 34 degrees on the 27th.

Duluth, MN

Record Low Temperatures

Observed 2013

December 29th: -30F -16F
December 30th: -26F -21F
December 31st: -31F -21F

International Falls, MN

Record Low Temperatures

Observed 2013

December 29th: -36F -35F
December 30th: -39F -37F
December 31st: -39F -33F

Top Coldest Decembers
 (Average Temperature):
Duluth, MN

  • Rank  Value  Year
      1        1.8   1983
      2        3.0   1985
      3        3.7   1924
      4        4.1   1989
      5        4.4   2000, 1917
      7        4.5   1976
      8        4.6   2013

Top Coldest Decembers
 (Average Temperature):
International Falls, MN

  • Rank  Value  Year
      1      -4.3     1983
      2      -4.1     2013
      3      -3.0     1976
      4      -1.5     1989

 Below are listings of observed temperatures and wind chills values across the Northalnd
 from several of the coldest dates this December.  

Note: These values are not nessariliy the lowest values for the date.

Dec 30th Morning Temperatures
click on image for larger view

 Dec 29th: Wind Chills

Dec 29th: Temperatures

Dec 24th; Temperatures 

December 15th; Wind Chills 

December 15th: Temperatures 

December 13th; Wind Chills 

 December 12th: Temperatures

 December 12th: Temperatures

December 11th; Wind Chills 

December 11th: Temperatures 

December 8th; Temperatures 

December 6th; Wind Chills 





















































































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