New Daily Cooperative Weather Maps

NWS Des Moines is producing new Cooperative Weather Observer maps on a daily basis.  These maps are displayed using a Google Maps® interactive display which can be panned and zoomed as needed.  Cooperative Weather Observer information for daily temperature maximum and minimum, liquid precipitation, snowfall, and snow depth are selectable on the maps along with automated observing stations.   For the automated stations, temperature maximum and minimum along with liquid equivalent precipitation are displayed. The Cooperative Weather Observations are recorded each day at 7 a.m. local time and then sent to the National Weather Service where they are quality controlled.  The maps are updated six times between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Since this news story will eventually expire and be automatically removed from the Top News of the Day, you can find these new maps at any of the following locations on our website:

  • Below the map on our main page in the Frequently Requested Pages section.  The link is called "Daily Cooperative Observation Maps".
  • In the left-hand navigational menu, underneath "Additional Info" is a link called "Items of Interest".  Click that link and you'll be taken to a new page.  Once there, underneath the "Observations" heading is a link to "Daily Cooperative Observation Maps"
  • Finally, in the left-hand navigational menu, underneath "Climate", click the "More" link.  A new page displays which you can scroll down to see the "Daily Cooperative Observation Maps" link

Please remember where the links are located or save a bookmark to the maps.

Here is a direct link to the "Daily Cooperative Observation Maps"

We hope you enjoy the new display.

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