Update...Stream Gage Closures in Iowa

** UPDATED May 17, 2013 at 9:45 am CDT **

A new funding partner has come forward for the USGS stream gages at the below locations for the rest of FY13:

  • West Fork Cedar River at Finchford, Iowa (66 years of record).
  • Des Moines River at Humboldt, Iowa (47 years of record).

Thus, the above two stream gages will not be discontinued--as previously scheduled--for Friday, May 17th.  These two stream gages will continue full operation through the end of FY13 which ends on September 30, 2013.  The fate of the above two gages after September 30th is uncertain however.


The USGS still plans to discontinue the below gage on Friday, May 17th due to a five-percent sequestration-related budget cut to the USGS National Streamflow Information Program (NSIP).

  • East Fork 102 River at Bedford, Iowa (29 years of record).

Local communities may receive less accurate river flood forecasts and less advanced notice of flooding due to the discontinuation of the Bedford gage.  Communities that may be impacted include Bedford, Iowa, and Maryville, Missouri.


Stream gages like three mentioned above help communities understand how and when to prepare for floods.  In some past floods, the peak stream flows measured by these gages have contributed several feet to the downstream crests.

Stream gages provide valuable information not just during floods.  The information is valuable during all times and for all river levels.  The information they provide is also used for--but not limited to--water quality considerations, water supply allocation, transportation design, wastewater treatment facilities and recreation.  For more information on the importance of stream gages click here.



For more information, contact Jeff Zogg, Senior Hydrologist/NWS Des Moines, Iowa at  515-270-4501  or  jeff.zogg @ noaa.gov .



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