Flooding/Severe Weather This Week: What to Know

Event Overview
Flooding/Heavy Rain + Severe Weather Potential This Week

Key Points:

·        Many locations across Iowa have received 6” – 8” since last weekend, and a lot of them are not able to take on much more rain.

·        Primary Threat:  Flash Flooding and Flooding will remain the primary threats over the next three days, as several more inches of rain are expected to fall.

·        Secondary Threat:  Severe weather is also possible Thursday and Friday afternoons/evenings across much of Iowa, so be prepared!

What we know:

·        Many locations across Iowa are starting to reach a “tipping point” regarding how much more water they can handle:

o   Over 6” – 8” of rain fell across parts of Jasper, Poweshiek, Marshall counties Wednesday, and 2” – 4” fell across much of the rest of central Iowa

o   Flooding and flash flooding has been reported across many counties in Iowa

·        There is (a lot) more rain forecast: 

o   Now – Saturday PM:  Widespread 1” to 2” of rainfall across most of Iowa, so this event is going to continue for a few more days.

§  Locations southeast Iowa may receive upwards of 3” to 4” of rain

§  Highest totals expected in southeastern Iowa, lowest totals expected in northwestern Iowa

·        There is a Severe Weather threat, with hail, damaging winds, and a tornado or two possible:  

o   Thursday PM:  Slight Risk- Most of Iowa…Greatest threat over southeast Iowa

o   Friday PM:  Slight Risk- Central to eastern Iowa… Greatest threat over southeast Iowa

What we are doing:

·        We are always staffed 24/7/365.  We have been and will continue to bring in extra meteorologists, as necessary, to help provide life and property-saving weather information.

·        We will continue to monitor the forecast, and provide warnings and advisories to the public, as necessary, in order to protect life & property.

·        We will also provide forecast updates through our web page and social media, in order to keep the public informed, and to help protect life and property.

What the public can do:

·        Monitor the weather forecast each day

o   You can find updates on our website, and on our Facebook/Twitter pages

o   Have a way to monitor the weather if you are traveling and/or going to be outdoors

·        Know your flood and severe weather safety

o   “Turn around, don’t drown”

o   More info on our webpage

·        Report any flash flooding and/or severe weather to local law enforcement, or 1-800-SKYWARN

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