Configuring AWIPS to Include Decision Support Events in Warnings

Configuring AWIPS to Include Decision Support Events in Warnings

Decision Support Services continue to take a larger role in day-to-day operations at the local WFO.  Previous attempts at including Decision Support Events directly in the warnings were undertaken by the Central Region WarnGen Tiger Team (Kurimski et al. 2013) and included a selection to include a special heads-up for outdoor events.  However, with an increased DSS role and growing numbers of large events, keeping track of these events to include in our warnings has become increasingly difficult and time consuming. Several previous efforts have made all DSS events and large event venues available to AWIPS for inclusion in a warning. Unfortunately, these solutions would mention events or venues, even when no event was ongoing and made no discretion of attendance. In an attempt to improve upon these efforts, this project expands upon previous groundbreaking work performed by Doug Speheger (2004; 2005) Evan Bookbinder (2011-2013) and Mike Dangelo (2013) to allow adaptable, dynamic displays within AWIPS.  By introducing date/time based logic, and WarnGen flagging, we have developed a solution that allows the integration of DSS events into AWIPS on a dynamic approach, and one that is expandable toward more novel housekeeping efforts, such as Google Calendar.

Note:  The programs have moved to the SCP site and can be downloaded directly into AWIPS 2.

  • The AWIPS 1 version of the program can be found on the same site.*

* You must use your noaa login to access these sites.


The following files will get you started in configuring your AWIPS system to include DSS events in your warnings:

  • Instructions for configuring your system in AWIPS 1 (pdf)
  • Scripts and programs for AWIPS 1 (tar file)*
  • Instructions for configuring your system in AWIPS 2 (pdf)
  • Scripts and program for AWIPS 2 (tar file)*

* Note:  You must be logged into your NOAA google account to download the tar files.


If you have any questions about the program you can contact the program developers:

Phillip Kurimski - Senior Meteorologist, WFO Detoit, MI (

Evan Bookbinder - ITO, WFO Pittsburgh, PA  (

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