February 1-2, 2015 Winter Storm Summary


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February started off quite active, as a long duration snow event unfolded across the region bringing the first significant snowfall to Southeast Michigan this winter season.  Over the past few months, the area had managed to avoid a lot of the snow while other states have not had such luck.  Up through the end of January, areas were below normal for snowfall compared to the record breaking winter season of '13-'14.  Then came the storm that ended up dropping over a foot of snow at Detroit Metro Airport! 

A strong low pressure system developed across the Great Plains and drifted across lower Michigan on Sunday and Sunday night. Snow began in the southern counties around 1am Sunday and continued throughout the day on Sunday.  Better moisture arrived by mid-afternoon resulting in heavier snowfall rates (up to an inch per hour in some locations). The system finally pushed east of the region round 7am Monday morning. This long duration winter storm resulted in snowfall totals between 9 and 15 inches across the Metro Detroit area, with slightly lower amounts across the Thumb and Saginaw Valley regions (3-6 inches).

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Radar loop courtesy of Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM).  Peach colored boxes are winter weather advisories and pink boxes are winter storm warnings.


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Snowfall Reports





1048 AM EST MON FEB 2 2015






                          (INCHES)      (HOURS)        LAT       LON



   AUBURN                  M   7.2           24     43.60N    84.08W



   GOODRICH                M   8.5           27     42.92N    83.51W
   4 N BURTON              M   8.9           27     43.05N    83.62W
   7 W FLINT               M   8.9           26     43.02N    83.83W
   FLINT                   M   9.2           28     43.02N    83.69W
   LINDEN                  M  10.2           28     42.82N    83.78W
   5 NNW FILION            M   4.2           24     43.96N    83.04W
   BAD AXE                 M   6.0           25     43.80N    83.00W
   4 E DAVISON             M  11.0           24     43.03N    83.44W
   LAPEER                  M  11.9           28     43.05N    83.32W
   2 W LAPEER              M  12.3           28     43.05N    83.36W
   2 WSW TIPTON            M   9.5           30     42.01N    84.10W
   MORENCI                 M  11.7           30     41.72N    84.22W
   HOWELL                  M  10.2           28     42.61N    83.94W
   1 N WHITMORE LAKE       M  11.0           29     42.44N    83.75W
   BRIGHTON                E  12.5            M     42.53N    83.78W
   1 NW ROSEVILLE          M  10.0           26     42.52N    82.95W
   4 NNW RICHMOND          M  11.7           28     42.86N    82.78W
   SHELBY TOWNSHIP         M  15.5           25     42.67N    83.03W
   MIDLAND                 M   4.0           24     43.62N    84.23W
   OIL CITY                M   6.0           24     43.61N    84.59W
   DUNDEE                  M  12.0           30     41.96N    83.66W
   CARLETON                M  13.1           29     42.06N    83.39W
   MONROE                  M  14.0           28     41.92N    83.39W
   3 SW MONROE             M  15.0           30     41.89N    83.43W
   4 SSE NEWPORT           M  15.0           30     41.95N    83.28W
   1 N FARMINGTON HILLS    M   9.0           28     42.50N    83.38W
   HOLLY                   M   9.0           28     42.80N    83.62W
   FARMINGTON HILLS        M   9.2           28     42.49N    83.38W
   CLARKSTON               M   9.5           28     42.74N    83.42W
   FARMINGTON              M  10.6           28     42.46N    83.38W
   2 S ORTONVILLE          M  11.0           28     42.82N    83.44W
   WHITE LAKE              M  11.2           28     42.65N    83.50W
   4 N NOVI                M  11.5           26     42.53N    83.49W
   4 N LIVONIA             M  12.3           28     42.46N    83.37W
   1 ENE ROCHESTER         M  13.1           26     42.69N    83.10W
   NW SOUTH LYON           M  13.7           28     42.46N    83.65W
   2 NW WATERFORD          M  14.0           28     42.68N    83.42W
   LAKEVILLE               M  14.0           28     42.82N    83.15W
   2 SE LEONARD            M  15.0           30     42.85N    83.12W
   5 S MERRILL             M   5.0           24     43.34N    84.34W
   2 E MERRILL             M   6.0           26     43.41N    84.30W
   FRANKENMUTH             M   7.4           27     43.33N    83.74W
   HEMLOCK                 M   7.5           24     43.42N    84.23W
   SAGINAW                 M   7.5           27     43.42N    83.95W
   CHESANING               M   7.7           27     43.18N    84.12W
   LEXINGTON               M  10.0           24     43.27N    82.53W
   SANDUSKY                M  10.0           24     43.42N    82.83W
   2 NE CORUNNA            M   7.0           24     43.00N    84.09W
  6 WNW DURAND             M  10.5           28     42.95N    84.10W
   OWOSSO                  M  10.5           28     43.00N    84.18W
   SHAFTSBURG              M  13.2           28     42.80N    84.29W
   1 NNW YALE              M  12.2           28     43.14N    82.80W
   COLUMBUS                M  12.3           25     42.89N    82.67W
   ALGONAC                 M  14.0           27     42.62N    82.53W
   CARO                    M   5.5           26     43.49N    83.40W
   1 SSW CASS CITY         M   6.5           28     43.59N    83.18W
   VASSAR                  M   7.0           26     43.37N    83.58W
   SALINE                  M   9.5           29     42.18N    83.78W
   2 WNW ANN ARBOR         M  12.0           29     42.29N    83.77W
   SALEM                   M  12.0           28     42.41N    83.58W
   CHELSEA                 M  12.2           29     42.31N    84.02W
   3 SW YPSILANTI          M  12.8           29     42.21N    83.66W
   MANCHESTER              M  13.0           29     42.15N    84.04W
   SE ANN ARBOR            M  13.5           29     42.28N    83.73W
   ANN ARBOR               M  14.1           29     42.28N    83.73W
   3 NNW MILAN             M  15.0           29     42.13N    83.72W
   GROSSE POINTE FARMS     M   9.5           29     42.40N    82.89W
   DEARBORN                M   9.6           29     42.31N    83.21W
   3 NE DEARBORN           M  10.0           29     42.34N    83.17W
   1 NW DEARBORN HEIGHTS   M  12.8            M     42.34N    83.29W
   2 NNW LIVONIA           M  13.5           29     42.42N    83.39W
   GARDEN CITY             M  13.5           29     42.33N    83.33W
   ALLEN PARK              M  14.0           28     42.26N    83.21W
   NORTHVILLE              M  14.2           30     42.44N    83.49W
   1 WSW DEARBORN          M  14.5           29     42.31N    83.23W
   WYANDOTTE               M  16.5           28     42.21N    83.16W
   ROMULUS                 M  16.7           28     42.22N    83.37W
   BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP     M  17.0           28     42.15N    83.26W













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Photos  (Click on thumbnail for bigger image)

Columbus Township, MI (courtesy of Amanda Richardson)  Hartland, MI (courtesy of Bill Saunders)  Elba, MI (courtesy of Bruce Deborah Bader)

 Chelsea, MI (courtesy of Dan T)

Chelsea, MI (courtesy of Dan T)  Chelsea, MI (courtesy of Dan T)  Rochester Hills, MI (courtesy of Jayson Bass)  Warren, MI (courtesy of Jodie Boudreau Slongo)

 Roseville, MI (courtesy of Joseph Foster)  Detroit Metro Airport (courtesy of Josh Halasy)  Ann Arbor, MI (courtesy of Lori Gueldner O'Niel)  Oakland Township, MI (courtesy of Mariusz Nowak)

 Lexington, MI (courtesy of Miss Sunshine)  Pigeon, MI (courtesy of Phil Wilson)  Davison, MI (courtesy of Suzie DuBois)  Peck, MI (courtesy of Tanner McCanham Visner)

Detroit Metro Airport (courtesy of Josh Halasy) Wyandotte, MI (courtesy of Josh Halasy) Wyandotte, MI (courtesy of Josh Halasy) Wyandotte, MI (courtesy of Josh Halasy)

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