Winter comes to town...officially this time!


Winter starts most appropriately!

William Deedler, Weather Historian NWS White Lake

If ever there was a day that winter showed its true colors (white, grey…and blue - for freezing ones extremities and even some blue skies) for the official calendar start to winter, today is the day. In fact, this past week (and month for that matter) has been nothing but great preparation for winter. By now, everyone should be “in the groove” (oops showing my age) so to speak when driving in the snow.

 Winter officially began this Sunday morning at 7:04 AM EST, ironically about the same time the latest (and certainly coldest) blast of season came rolling into town. Very strong winds creating some white-out conditions in open areas (especially the Saginaw Valley and Thumb), snow squalls and the most serious…biting cold and dangerous wind chills (-5 to -25, the type not seen this season until now)!

And, winter will keep on reminding us what season just started with the risk of snow, sleet, freezing rain and maybe even some plain rain at times, right up until Christmas Day.  

If you have travel or shopping plans between now and Christmas, your best day for weather looks to be Monday…after that it’s downhill again until Christmas Day (hopefully).



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