The August 9th-11th Rain Event


A slow moving upper level low pressure system rotated across Southeast Michigan, bringing a prolonged period

of steady rainfall to much of the area, beginning Thursday the 9th and lasting through early Saturday morning the

11th. For much of the area, this rain provided relief from the moderate to severe drought which had gripped Southern

Michigan since June. However, some locations received too much rain and experienced flooding. Over these two days

most of southeast Michigan received between one and three inches of rain. However, the Saginaw Valley  received

between 3 and 8 inches and a few local spots along the M 59 corridor received 3 to 6 inches. Tri Cities airport (MBS)

had a two day rainfall total of just over 8 inches! Of this, 6.93 inches fell during Friday the 10th. This shattered the

previous 1 day record of 5.51 inches which occurred on September 10th, 1986 during one of the most extreme rain

events in recent history. Prior to this rainfall, Saginaw was on target to have one of its driest summers on record.

After this rainfall event, the rainfall total for the summer of 2012 (Jun-Aug) stands at 14.81 inches which now ranks

as the 4th wettest summer on record. Below is a list of storm total rainfall reports along with an image of the total

rainfall from August 9th through the morning of August 11th based off radar estimates.


 Storm Total Rainfall Reports from August 9th through 11th

000 NOUS43 KDTX 221430 PNSDTX MIZ047>049-053>055-060>063-068>070-075-076-082-083-221630- PUBLIC INFORMATION STATEMENT...STORM TOTALS NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE DETROIT/PONTIAC MI 930 AM EST SUN NOV 22 2015 STORM TOTAL SNOW REPORTS LOCATION SNOWFALL DURATION (INCHES) (HOURS) LAT LON ...BAY COUNTY... BAY CITY M 3.7 24 43.59N 83.89W ...GENESEE COUNTY... SWARTZ CREEK M 9.5 M 42.96N 83.83W BURTON M 9.8 24 43.00N 83.62W GAINES M 9.8 M 42.87N 83.91W LINDEN M 10.0 24 42.82N 83.78W SE FLINT M 10.4 25 43.02N 83.69W ...HURON COUNTY... 5 NNW FILION M 3.5 24 43.96N 83.04W ...LAPEER COUNTY... 6 W LAPEER M 10.5 14 43.05N 83.44W 1 NW LUM M 12.0 16 43.11N 83.17W ...LENAWEE COUNTY... MORENCI E 4.2 24 41.72N 84.22W 2 WNW TIPTON M 7.5 24 42.03N 84.10W ONSTED M 8.5 16 42.01N 84.19W 2 SE CEMENT CITY M 10.0 18 42.05N 84.30W ...LIVINGSTON COUNTY... BRIGHTON M 11.5 14 42.53N 83.78W HARTLAND M 14.0 16 42.66N 83.75W 1 NE HOWELL M 15.5 13 42.62N 83.92W HARTLAND M 16.0 M 42.66N 83.75W HOWELL M 16.8 20 42.61N 83.94W ...MACOMB COUNTY... EASTPOINTE M 4.5 14 42.47N 82.96W 1 ENE ROSEVILLE M 5.0 24 42.51N 82.92W 4 ENE TROY M 5.5 24 42.59N 83.07W CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP M 6.0 M 42.68N 82.82W 2 S ARMADA M 10.0 15 42.81N 82.88W ...MIDLAND COUNTY... MIDLAND M 3.0 M 43.62N 84.23W OIL CITY M 3.2 24 43.61N 84.59W ...MONROE COUNTY... DUNDEE M 3.0 24 41.96N 83.66W MONROE M 3.2 M 41.92N 83.39W 3 SE NEWPORT M 3.4 24 41.97N 83.27W ...OAKLAND COUNTY... ROYAL OAK M 5.0 16 42.51N 83.15W FARMINGTON M 6.4 16 42.46N 83.38W TROY M 7.0 M 42.58N 83.14W TROY M 8.0 16 42.58N 83.14W BLOOMFIELD HILLS M 9.5 24 42.58N 83.25W BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP M 9.5 24 42.57N 83.26W WATERFORD M 9.7 24 42.66N 83.39W 5 S CLARKSTON M 11.5 M 42.66N 83.41W WIXOM M 11.8 M 42.52N 83.54W 4 WNW WEST BLOOMFIELD M 12.0 24 42.60N 83.45W 5 N ROCHESTER HILLS M 12.0 M 42.74N 83.16W ORTONVILLE M 12.0 24 42.85N 83.44W 1 E CLARKSTON M 12.2 14 42.74N 83.40W LAKEVILLE M 12.6 14 42.82N 83.15W HOLLY M 14.0 20 42.80N 83.62W MILFORD M 14.0 M 42.59N 83.60W 4 SW CLARKSTON M 15.5 M 42.69N 83.47W ...SAGINAW COUNTY... HEMLOCK M 4.0 24 43.42N 84.23W ...SANILAC COUNTY... LEXINGTON M 3.0 24 43.27N 82.53W DECKERVILLE M 7.0 24 43.53N 82.74W 2 W PECK M 12.0 21 43.26N 82.86W ...SHIAWASSEE COUNTY... 2 E CORUNNA M 8.0 24 42.98N 84.08W DURAND M 8.2 24 42.91N 83.99W ...ST. CLAIR COUNTY... HARSENS ISLAND M 1.0 M 42.60N 82.58W 3 WSW LAKEPORT M 7.0 24 43.10N 82.55W YALE M 8.2 24 43.13N 82.80W ...TUSCOLA COUNTY... VASSAR M 4.0 24 43.37N 83.58W CASS CITY M 4.1 24 43.60N 83.18W ...WASHTENAW COUNTY... 3 SE ANN ARBOR M 9.6 24 42.24N 83.69W 2 NE ANN ARBOR M 10.7 24 42.29N 83.71W 5 N MANCHESTER M 14.2 19 42.22N 84.04W ...WAYNE COUNTY... 1 N GROSSE ILE M 2.2 24 42.14N 83.15W SOUTHGATE M 3.5 24 42.20N 83.21W WYANDOTTE M 4.9 18 42.21N 83.16W ROMULUS M 6.0 18 42.22N 83.37W LIVONIA M 7.0 M 42.40N 83.37W GARDEN CITY M 8.2 24 42.33N 83.33W M = MEASURED E = ESTIMATED $$




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