Tornado Damage Survey - April 27, 2009

A team from the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities conducted a storm damage survey on April 27, 2009 to investigate damage from a tornado that moved through east central Iowa on the 26th. It was determined that the damage was caused most likely by a single tornado that moved along a nearly continuous path 22 miles long through northern Linn County and southern Delaware County.   The damage path extended from roughly 2 miles west of Alburnett, or 10 miles north of Cedar Rapids, to about 5 miles west of Hopkinton, or 10 miles southeast of Manchester.  Damage was rated as EF1* along most of the damage path.

EF0...  65 -  85 MPH
EF1...  86 - 110 MPH
EF2... 111 - 135 MPH
EF3... 136 - 165 MPH
EF4... 166 - 200 MPH

The following are some of the findings of the damage survey.


Notes corresponding to the numbers in the images are listed further down. 

Linn County

Delaware County


Linn County
1.       Damage to trees, buildings and homes in Lafayette.  Rated EF1.
2.       Two farms with significant damage roughly 2 miles north of Alburnett. Large grain structures were heavily damaged, metal outbuildings destroyed, home heavily damaged, and large trees down.   Rated EF1.
3.       Power lines down, trees heavily damaged and farmhouse and buildings damaged near North Marion Road and Central City Road. Damage path roughly 100 yards wide. Debris seen in fields stretching to the northeast.   Rated EF1.
4.       Pinicon Ridge Park.  Large trees broken off and uprooted through wooded portion of the park south of the river. Damage width no more than 200 feet.  Rated EF1
5.       Pinicon Ridge Park. Northeast across the river from (5). Four camping trailers were destroyed and large trees uprooted or snapped off.  Damage roughly 200 yards wide.   Storm hit roughly 5 pm. People camping had either vacated ahead of time when skies darkened, or took shelter in the shower house and there were no injuries or fatalities.  Rated EF1.
6.       Damage to trees noted along rural creek north of Central City.
7.       Damage to farm roughly 2 miles north of Central City. Grain bins destroyed and debris strewn at east 1/8th of a mile east to southeast across farm fields. One large outbuilding destroyed and another heavily damaged. Several pine trees uprooted.  Rated EF1 .
8.       Trees damaged along Red Bridge Rd and Rehraur Natural area.
9.       Outbuilding roof torn off and damage to wind break pine trees at farm on Hill’s Mill Rd. Rated EF1.
10.   Roof blown off outbuilding and fence blown down at farm on D62. Debris from building material scattered about the area. Rated EF1.  EF0 damage noted in path continuing northeast into Delaware County.
Delaware County

11.   Power lines down.

12.   Damage to farm roughly 1 mile SW of Buck Creek. One outbuilding pushed off foundation, two others heavily damaged with large portions of roof blown off.   A few large pine trees snapped off near base. Debris extended northeast into fields. Power lines were damaged 1 mile southwest of this location. Storm hit at 520 pm CDT. Rated EF1.

13.   Power lines blown down, tree uprooted, and debris caught in fences. Rated EF1.

14.   Tree uprooted and pieces of roofing material and debris caught in fence.

15.   Small outbuildings damaged and destroyed at farm. Barn was pushed off its foundation. House had broken windows and damage to roof. Storm hit at 530 pm CDT Rated EF1.



Damage to farm north of Albernett

Another view of damage to farm north of Alburnett.

Damage to trees at Pinicon Ridge Park in northern Linn County.

Damage to campers and campground at Pinicon Ridge Park along the Wapsipinicon River in northern Linn County.

Damage to farm about 3 miles south of Delhi in southern Delaware County. (photo courtesy of Delaware County Emergency Management)

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