Stephenson County Post Storm Damage Survey

Stephenson County Post Storm Damage Assessment Survey: June 2, 2009

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On June 2, 2009, the Quad Cities National Weather Service dispatched a post storm damage assessment survey team to investigate storm damage that occurred  north of Freeport, IL near Orangeville. There were several areas along the path of storm damage.  A cluster of storm damage in the center of the path was consistent with a brief, weak tornado.

1.  Farm equipment blown over in the field, laying to the south.  Caused by downburst winds.

Points 2 through 7 - caused by a tornado. Rated EF0 with winds estimated at 85 mph.  Path length: 1/3 mile, width approximately 200 yards.  June 1, 2009 around 4:20 PM CDT.

2.  Several trees snapped at the trunk.

3.  Tall grasses along roadside laying down to the east. Tin roof off shed blow to the east.

4.  Witness inside barn described windows blown in, paint "sandblasted" off walls, and hay blowing out west door being carried north of barn. Empty grain wagon pushed 25 yards northeast of barn. Four calf huts picked up by wind, moved, one apparently lofted half mile down road to northeast. Sheet metal damage inside grain bin, bent and twisted. Hay conveyor rolled twice. Duration estimated about thirty seconds.

5.  Witness described heavy rain, then mud preceding wind. Witness described funnel shape before wind, unable to determine rotation due to speed/rain.

6.  Small trees snapped.

7.  Pine tree uprooted along with small branches down.

8.  Large tree branch down on car. Witness reported very heavy rain with about a 20 second long duration of high winds. Lots of scattered small debris mixed in with rain and wind that sounded like popcorn hitting the side of the house.  Caused by stright-line winds.

Enhanced Fujita EF-Scale Information
Please note the numbers below are approximate wind speeds for damage categories.
EF0...  65 -  85 MPH
EF1...  86 - 110 MPH
EF2... 111 - 135 MPH
EF3... 136 - 165 MPH
EF4... 166 - 200 MPH
EF5... 201 MPH or greater

Learn more about the Enhanced Fujita Scale.


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