Missouri Sets Tornado Record in 2006

...Record Number of Tornadoes in Missouri in 2006...

The number of tornadoes in Missouri in 2006 cracked the century mark for the first time in history. There were 102 documented tornadoes in Missouri in 2006. This shatters the previous record of 84 that was set in 2003. The average number of tornadoes that occur each year across the state is 28.

There are six National Weather Service (NWS) offices that have warning coverage in Missouri. Here is a breakdown of the tornadoes that occurred in each NWS office’s warning area.

St. Louis: 40
Springfield: 27
Kansas City: 25
Paducah: 10
Memphis: 3
Davenport: 1

Note: this totals 106. There were 4 tornadoes that crossed NWS office borders.

Here is a breakdown of tornadoes by month.

January: 3
February: 2
March: 57
April: 14
May: 12
July: 3
September: 11

The bulk of the tornadoes in March occurred from March 11 - 13.

The tornadoes caused 13 deaths and 273 injuries. The deadliest day was March 12 when 8 people were killed. The largest death toll occurred in Randolph County on March 12 when 4 people died. This tornado also accounted for 26 injuries...13 of which were college students on a bus that was overturned. There were 2 deaths in Pemiscot...Perry...and Pettis counties...and 1 death in Henry...Cedar...and Lawrence counties.

Here is a breakdown of the tornadoes by the fujita rating scale.

Fo (weak): 52
F1 (weak): 24
F2 (strong): 18
F3 (strong): 10
F4 (violent): 2

Note: again this total is 106 due to the 4 tornadoes which crossed nws office borders.

One F4 tornado occurred in Monroe County near Paris. The other F4 was in Perry County in Crosstown.

For additional information on these tornadoes or other weather events from 2006 contact your servicing NWS office.

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