A Chilly First Half of October...

While October 2009 started on the warm and toasty side (76 degrees on October 1st), the recent weather conditions of the past two weeks have left many feeling like it's already mid-November!  In fact, daily temperatures in Kansas City over the past 5 days are closer to average high temperatures for the second week of November.  Through the 16th of October, the average temperatures for Kansas City (average of daily high and low temperature)  is 49.0 degrees. An average temperature of 49.0 degrees ranks the start of October 2009 as the coldest in recorded history in Kansas City.

Here are the top 10 coldest Octobers through the 16th of the month in Kansas City.  With warmer weather expected to return by this weekend, updated statistics for this cold start will continue through the end of this week.


Rank Average Temperature Year (through 10/16)
1 49.0 2009
2 51.8 1977
3 53.8 1987
4 54.0 1985
5 55.0 1988
6 55.2 1925
7 55.3 1888
8 55.5 1891
9 55.9 2004
10 56.0 1974


Obviously, Kansas and Missouri have not been alone in experiencing much below average temperatures so far this month. Below is a graphic depicting the departure from normal temperatures over the past 2 weeks. Much of the nation from the northern Rockies through central and southern plains has been more than 10 degrees below average. If you wanted warmth, you could have headed to southern Texas, the Gulf Coast, or Florida; where temperature averaged 3-6 degrees above average.

Temperature Departure 
                                     (click on image for larger version)



Other Interesting Statistics:

So far in October of 2009, we have already experienced 6 days with high temperatures below 50 degrees.  With unseasonably cool temperatures forecast through Saturday, through the first half of the month we will have the potential to experience 7 days with high temperatures below 50 degrees.  Looking back through Kansas City observational history reveals that only 11 other years have recorded 5 or more days with high temperatures not reaching 50 degrees (though the entire month).  These years include:  2002 (10), 1980 (5), 1976 (10), 1972(6), 1932(6), 1930(7), 1926(10), 1917(6), 1913(9), 1908(5), 1898(7). 

 We have also experienced 4  record cold high temperatures in Kansas City during the past week and a half.

October 11th:  42 degrees (previous cold record high of 47 in 1909)

October 13th:  45 degrees (tied previous cold record high of 45 in 1986)

October 14th: 46 degrees (previous cold record high of 49 in 1937)

October 15th: 49 degrees (tied previous cold record high of 49 in 1937)


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