Fargo, Grand Forks Closing In On Average Number Of 90 Degree Days

During any given summer season daily high temperatures in the Red River Valley of the North will reach or exceed 90 degrees, on average, a total of 10 to 14 days. Typically, these "hot spells" run in 3 to 5 day lengths at a time. So far in the 2007 Summer Season, we are well on track to reach or exceed that average. The longest stretch of 90 degree or greater weather is also listed below.

Below is a table of the number of days, as of July 27th, that Fargo, Grand Forks and NOAAs National Weather Service/UND Climate site have hit 90 degrees or better.

City      2007 Days at or above 90F        Average
Fargo               10                      14
Grand Forks Airport  9                      11
NWS Office           8                      12

Below is a listing of the greatest number of consecutive days with a high temperatures 90 degrees or greater.

               Record number consecutive    Year
City             Days at or above 90F
Fargo                 15                    1936
Grand Forks Airport    9                    1969 *
NWS Grand Forks       14                    1936

*Please note the Grand Forks Airport data only goes back to 1941. For this study, some years are missing.

With another 2 to 3 day stretch of 90 degree or better weather forecast for later this weekend into next week, it’s probable that we’ll at least reach the climatological average number of days. And with quite a bit of summer left, it’s probable we will exceed that value as well. However, this is not

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) Outlook for August 2007 calls for normal climatic variability in temperatures. That would mean another 4 or 5 days with the high temperature equal to or greater than 90 degrees.

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