...Daily Rain Total 3rd Highest On Record In WahpetonBreckenridge...

Based on the preliminary information provided by the official NWS cooperative observer in Breckenridge Minnesota, the recent rainfall is the 3rd highest single day total on record.

4.30 inches of rain fell at the Wahpeton water treatment plant between 8am Monday august 11th and 8 am Tuesday august 12th. The record 24 hour total of 4.86 inches occurred on June 8 1962. On June 3rd 2007...4.73 inches of rain fell at the Breckenridge Water Treatment Plant. Unofficial reports of over 7 inches of rain in the Wahpeton and Breckenridge areas have been received by the NWS.

Official cooperative weather reports for the Wahpeton/Breckenridge area date back to 1889. During the period 1889 to 1999 records were collected at the water treatment plant in north Wahpeton. In the winter of 2000 the station was moved to the Breckenridge side of the river...where data are now collected. The two locations are approximately 2 miles apart.

The NWS...in cooperation with the Minnesota State Climatologist Office in Saint Paul, the North Dakota State Climatologist in Fargo, and the National Climate Data Center will investigate this potential record event due to the significant impact it has made on the area. Details will be made available later this year.


Please note this is a correction based on updated information provided by the North Dakota State Climatologist in Fargo.

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