Potential Winter Storm Still On Track

A major storm system moving onto the western U.S. is forecast to move out into the plains late in the weekend, and take aim at the Upper Mississippi Valley and Northern Plains early next week. This storm appears to be strong enough to bring very warm, moist air into the southern Red River Valley region potentially setting the stage for a freezing rain event. Farther north and west across the northern Red River Valley and Devils Lake Basin, a wintry mix of wet snow, sleet and some freezing rain is expected.

Although the storm is still a few days away, the picture is becoming a bit clearer. The main low pressure system is forecast to move from the east slope of the Rockies Sunday into South Dakota by Monday, on into northern Minnesota Tuesday. This track is by no means certain, and later forecasts will better pin-point its expected track. As a result, the locations receiving the heaviest snow, rain or wintry mix cannot yet be fully determined.

Therefore, residents are advised to pay close attention to later forecasts. With a fair amount of winter left, we should not forget that heavy snows are still possible. Stay tuned to your favorite source of weather information, including NOAA Weather All-Hazards Radio, commercial radio and T.V. as well as internet sources for later forecasts and possible watches or warnings.

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