NOAA Launches State of the Coast Web Page

Despite the fact that North Dakota and Minnesota are about as far removed from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as one can get, that does not diminish the interest we all have in our Nations waterways. This is readily evident in the amount of outdoor activities that are centered around the regions Lakes and Rivers.

Regardless of where one lives, our nation's coastal ecosystems are vital to our economy and quality of life. However, the health of these resources is in decline. An important aspect of any management system is the ability to monitor and predict changes that are occurring within the Ecosystem. To that end, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has launched a new web site NOAA's State of the Coast. NOAA is the parent agency of your National Weather Service.

Explore this site to gain a deeper appreciation of the connections among healthy coastal ecosystems, a robust U.S. economy, a safe population, a sustainable quality of life for coastal residents, and the consequent need to better understand, manage, and protect our nation's coastal resources.

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