Straight Line Winds Cause Extensive Damage to Hope Area, August 1, 2011

...Straight Line Winds Cause Extensive Damage to the Hope Area on August 1, 2011...

A National Weather Service damage survey team visited the Hope area of Steele County this Monday morning.  Based on an extensive survey of the was confirmed that the damage was the result of a macro-burst/large scale down-burst winds, associated with intense bow echo thunderstorm activity. 

Damage to the Hope area was extensive.  The most severe impact was to the local grain elevator.  Numerous trees were uprooted and branches larger than 12 inches in diameter snapped off.  Using the damage indicators from the Enhanced Fujita scale...wind speed are estimated in the 95 to 105 mph range...similar to that produced by an EF1 tornado.  

Tree damage was noted in an area approximately 30 miles in length and 3 to 5 miles in width from northwest of the city of Hope...through town and then southeast into Colgate and Page areas.  The path was approximately 3 to 5 miles wide extending from northwest of Balbon through Hope to east of Colgate then to east of Page.  Severeal agricultural structures were impacted...including grain bins 3 miles south of hope and a pivot irrigator 5 miles east of Colgate. 


Trees Down in Hope


Damage to Elevator Bin in Hope

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