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 Community Cooperative Rain, Hail, and Snow (CoCoRaHS) Network  

Are you interested in the weather? Do you know how much rain or snow fell in your area? Did you know that precipitation amounts vary greatly from one area to the next, even within a city or town - or neighborhood? Volunteer Weather Observers are needed to help report precipitation and snow across northwest Minnesota and eastern North Dakota! If you have an interest in weather and wish to be a part of a growing network of weather observers, consider joining the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow network - CoCoRaHS. It's fun, easy and only takes a few minutes out of you day. Volunteers are the backbone of the CoCoRaHS program. Observers register to participate, then enter their snow, rain, and hail observations onto the CoCoRaHS webpage. Consider visiting theCoCoRHaS Home Page to sign up and become an observer today!

Why is this information important? It helps a wide variety of users see and study the variability of precipitation. Your report is sent directly to the National Weather Service for use in forecasting and issuing all kinds of winter and summer weather warning. Timely and accurate precipitation reports are crucial to flood predictions. Your report is also used by the media, researchers, farmers and a wide range of other users interested in knowing how much rain, hail, or snow was measured in your backyard! The information is available to anyone using the internet. This is a great program for school classes to study the weather! If you'd like to contribute valuable precipitation information unique to your location, then this program is for you! Since the CoCoRaHS program began in 1998, the network has grown to include nearly 30,000 active observers in all 50 states.

What Just Happened? A major storm system impacted the Southern Red River Valley in late February. The snow that fell from this storm may have an impact on flooding this spring. It certainly will have an impact on spring planting. Assessing these impacts requires a lot of data! How widespread was the snow? How much water was in it? And how deep is the new snow? These questions are answered by folks just like you - businessmen and women, farmers, ranchers, husbands, wives, kids - anyone willing to take a few minutes out of their day to report weather data. It only takes a few mninutes every day and you'll be part of a growing, Nationwide network of volunteers who make a difference!

Training and Additional Information



Complimentary training is provided to help you become an effective weather observer.  Please check out your state page above (by clicking on your state) for a list of current training sessions in your local area.  If none are taking place at the current time, watch our "Training Slide Shows" and read our on-line training information.


View a printable (pdf) training guide that includes how to set up your rain gage, measure snow, and report it online.


You can purchase an offical 4 inch diameter raingage at the CoCoRahs Store for a discounted price as a CoCoRHaS volunteer!


Do you have questions about CoCoRaHS? If you live in eastern North Dakota please contact Dr. Adnan Akyuz at NDSU; if you reside in northwest Minnesota contact Peter Boulay  or  Mark Ewens at the Grand Forks NWS.  

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