Fargo Hector Field Rain Total Adjusted

...Updated precipitation totals for Fargo hector field for May 27 2012 due to precipitation gauge error...

During the morning of May 27th 2012 a series of strong thunderstorms moved through the Fargo/Moorhead area. Precipitation totals varied from over 2 inches in the eastern and southern portions of the metro area to around one inch in the north and west. Variability is common in thunderstorms, and this event is a great example of that.

The automated precipitation gauge at Fargo Hector Field went off line between 4 am and 10 am the morning of May 27th. Initially it was assumed the data was lost, however the electronics staff at the Grand Forks National Weather Service /NWS/ was able to recover the missing precipitation amounts.  The correct total precipitation at Hector Field for May 27th was 0.81 inches.

During outages such as the one that occurred on May 27th the NWS in Grand Forks relies on the Official Cooperative Observer data to augment erroneous or missing data. The 2.33 inches initially reported was from the nearby official NWS Cooperative Observer.

After reviewing the initial climate report, an investigation was initiated by Dr. Adnan Akyuz, the State Climatologist for North Dakota. Using data from area Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network observers/CoCoRaHS/,NWS radar data and the North Dakota Agricultural Network/NDAWN/, Dr. Akyuz presented evidence that the amount used for the north Fargo Hector Field was likely too high.

After coordination with the Grand Forks NWS, and further investigations, the missing data was subsequently retrieved. Further coordination between the Grand Forks NWS and the State Climatologist determined the 0.81 inch amount was the correct precipitation for the Fargo Hector field location.

The data has been adjusted as has the monthly and seasonal climate summaries. The summaries have been posted and are available on the Grand Forks NWS web page. Finally, the corrected rainfall for may 27th of 0.81 would not be a record amount for that day. The record rainfall for May 27th of 1.16 inches set in 1963, has been reinstated.

For additional information please contact Mark Ewens, Data Acquisition Program Manager at the Grand Forks NWS at 701.795.5198 or Dr. Adnan Akyuz, North Dakota state climatologist at NDSU at 701.231.6577

Above is a detailed analysis of the 24 hour total rainfall for the Fargo / Moorhead area. Much of the data is from the CoCoRaHS network, with data from the NWS and other sources as noted. Click on then image for a larger version.

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