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NWS Grand Forks is now on Twitter!

The National Weather Service office in Grand Forks, ND is now on Twitter.  The National Weather Service continues to integrate our products and services into social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.  Our office will often "tweet" information on current and forecast weather conditions expected across eastern North Dakota and west central & northwest Minnesota.

One of the most important capabilities Twitter gives our office is the ability for you to communicate with us and bring us critical weather reports such as severe weather information (hail and wind damage or tornado/funnel cloud sightings), snow reports during the winter, and other pertinent information you would like to share.  For these reports, we ask our followers to use the following "hash tags" that our forecasters monitor during severe weather events, winter storms and flood season.  The following hash tags are useful for our staff:

#FGFsvr   -   We will monitor #FGFsvr to look for severe weather reports from our followers.  If you want to send us a severe weather report, please include the weather report with the time and place of the event FOLLOWED BY #FGFsvr.  For example, if you receive quarter sized hail five miles west of Mayville, ND, a good report would be "Received quarter sized hail 5W of Mayville, ND around 5:20 PM #FGFsvr".  If you Tweet us directly, we will see it regardless.  However, adding this hash tag to any tweets (regardless the intended recipient) concerning the storm allows us to search this specific hash tag and collect reports critical to severe weather verification.

#FGFsnow    -    Much like severe weather reports, use #FGFsnow when tweeting us or your friends how much snow you received.  For example, "We received 6.0 inches of snow with last night's storm here in Mayville!  #FGFsnow"

#FGFflood    -     Use this hash tag to alert our office of areal, local or river flooding.

Our Tweets to our followers will generally use #ndwx and #mnwx so weather enthusiasts following those hash tags, and not necessarily our office, can see weather forecasts pertaining to their areas of interest.

Thank you for following us at @NWSGrandForks

Please contact peter.speicher@noaa.gov for any suggestions on our Twitter page


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