Preliminary Snowfall Reports in Northwest Iowa for April 13, 2014

Rain changed to snow across northwest Iowa through the early afternoon hours on Sunday, April 13, 2014. Preliminary reports generally ranged from 1 to 3 inches, with the heaviest totals stretching from Remsen and Marcus, northeast through Spencer. A map and listing of the preliminary reports can be found below.

Plot of Preliminry Snowfall Reports in northwest Iowa on April 13, 2014

826 PM CDT SUN APR 13 2014

..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON...
..DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

0430 PM     SNOW             ORANGE CITY             43.00N 96.06W
04/13/2014  M0.6 INCH        SIOUX              IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0450 PM     SNOW             EVERLY                  43.16N 95.32W
04/13/2014  E2.0 INCH        CLAY               IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0450 PM     SNOW             PRIMGHAR                43.09N 95.63W
04/13/2014  E1.5 INCH        O`BRIEN            IA   EMERGENCY MNGR

0455 PM     SNOW             REMSEN                  42.81N 95.97W
04/13/2014  E3.0 INCH        PLYMOUTH           IA   TRAINED SPOTTER

0510 PM     SNOW             4 W SPIRIT LAKE         43.42N 95.19W
04/13/2014  E0.5 INCH        DICKINSON          IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0520 PM     SNOW             5 N SIOUX CITY          42.57N 96.39W
04/13/2014  M1.2 INCH        PLYMOUTH           IA   OFFICIAL NWS OBS

0520 PM     SNOW             CHEROKEE                42.75N 95.55W
04/13/2014  E0.5 INCH        CHEROKEE           IA   EMERGENCY MNGR

0545 PM     SNOW             PIERSON                 42.54N 95.87W
04/13/2014  E0.5 INCH        WOODBURY           IA   TRAINED SPOTTER

0555 PM     SNOW             MOVILLE                 42.49N 96.07W
04/13/2014  E1.5 INCH        WOODBURY           IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0600 PM     SNOW             KINGSLEY                42.59N 95.97W
04/13/2014  E2.0 INCH        PLYMOUTH           IA   TRAINED SPOTTER

0625 PM     SNOW             SIOUX CITY              42.50N 96.39W
04/13/2014  E2.0 INCH        WOODBURY           IA   PUBLIC

0730 PM     SNOW             SPENCER                 43.15N 95.15W
04/13/2014  M3.0 INCH        CLAY               IA   PUBLIC

0735 PM     SNOW             ESE WASHTA              42.57N 95.71W
04/13/2014  M1.3 INCH        CHEROKEE           IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0850 PM     SNOW             STORM LAKE              42.65N 95.20W
04/13/2014  E1.5 INCH        BUENA VISTA        IA   EMERGENCY MNGR

0850 PM     SNOW             HOLSTEIN                42.49N 95.54W
04/13/2014  E1.5 INCH        IDA                IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0850 PM     SNOW             4 E SIOUX RAPIDS        42.89N 95.07W
04/13/2014  E1.0 INCH        BUENA VISTA        IA   TRAINED SPOTTER

0930 PM     SNOW             MARCUS                  42.82N 95.81W
04/13/2014  E3.5 INCH        CHEROKEE           IA   PUBLIC

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