Just plain cold

Temperatures for the last couple of days have proven to be more like February than April, and this trend is expected to continue into the weekend. In fact, if the forecast pans out, this will prove to be one of the top 10 coldest 5 day stretches in April. Here is a list of the coldest 5 day stretches...

6th-10th, 1997 21.3
3rd-7th, 1982 22.2
4th-8th, 1982 23.0
7th-11th, 1997 23.1
8th-12th, 1997 23.1
1st-5th, 1899 23.5
2nd-6th, 1920 23.9
1st-5th, 1975 24.0
4th-8th, 2007 24.3

Looking at this chart, you’ll notice three five day periods in 1997 and two five day periods in 1982. These were both cold snaps that lasted about six to eight days. Other than these two years, there are only three other years with cold snaps cooler than this year, leaving a total of just five years colder than this year. So, sustained cold air for this long so late in the season happens about once every 20 years.

Another interesting note, 1920 was the only other 5 day stretch besides 2007 to have no snow on the ground.

Finally, the average high temperature in this stretch of cold weather is colder than the first five days in either December 2006 or January 2007.  The average high temperature for the first five days in December was 32 degrees, while the average high temperature in January was 37 degrees.  The average high over the past three days combined with the forecast highs this weekend result in a chilly average of 31.6 degrees.

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