Prolonged Period of Heat and Humidity into Saturday

Heat and humidity will continue across the area through Saturday, with heat indices between 95 and 105 degrees each afternoon. The heat and humidity may cause an increase in heat related illnesses.  Below are a few reminders when it comes to staying safe while working and playing in the heat:

  • Increase your intake of non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, caffeine-free beverages.
  • Wear clothing that is light in color and loose fitting.
  • Avoid the outdoors during extreme heat. Stay out of the sun if possible. Heat index values were devised for shady, light wind conditions. Exposure to full sunshine can result in heat indices as much as 15 degrees higher!
  • Postpone outdoor games and activities.
  • Eliminate strenuous activity such as running, biking and lawn care work when it heats up.
  • Eat fewer foods that increase metabolic activity/heat...Proteins for example. Increased metabolic heat increases water loss.

    Be proactive by checking on those most susceptible to heat related illnesses such as small children, the elderly, and those with medical conditions. Individuals left isolated without air conditioning have resulted in numerous deaths in recent heat waves. Don't forget to double-check the backseat, and remember that pets are even more susceptible to the heat than humans!The following are a few heat related illnesses and their symptoms...

    SUNBURN - Redness and pain in the skin. In severe cases there is also swelling, blisters, fever, and headaches.

    HEAT CRAMPS - Heavy sweating and painful spasms usually in the leg or abdomen muscles.

    HEAT EXHAUSTION - The person becomes weak and is sweating heavily. The skin is cold, pale and clammy. The pulse becomes thready. Fainting and vomiting accompanies heat exhaustion.

    HEATSTROKE/SUNSTROKE - High body temperature (106 degrees or higher) along with hot dry skin and a rapid and strong pulse. Unconsciousness is possible.

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