Heavy Snowfall Hits The Area Thursday Night, December 18, 2008





652 AM CST FRI DEC 19 2008


..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON...

..DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....



0515 AM     HEAVY SNOW       SIOUX CITY              42.50N 96.39W

12/19/2008  M7.5 INCH        WOODBURY           IA   BROADCAST MEDIA




0555 AM     HEAVY SNOW       CHEROKEE                42.75N 95.55W

12/19/2008  E8.0 INCH        CHEROKEE           IA   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0600 AM     HEAVY SNOW       STORM LAKE              42.65N 95.20W

12/19/2008  M6.0 INCH        BUENA VISTA        IA   CO-OP OBSERVER


0600 AM     HEAVY SNOW       SHELDON                 43.18N 95.84W

12/19/2008  E10.0 INCH       O`BRIEN            IA   CO-OP OBSERVER


0600 AM     HEAVY SNOW       SIOUX CITY              42.50N 96.39W

12/19/2008  M10.3 INCH       WOODBURY           IA   OFFICIAL NWS OBS


0600 AM     SNOW             SIOUX FALLS             43.54N 96.73W

12/19/2008  M1.7 INCH        MINNEHAHA          SD   OFFICIAL NWS OBS


0612 AM     HEAVY SNOW       1 W SPIRIT LAKE         43.42N 95.14W

12/19/2008  E11.0 INCH       DICKINSON          IA   CO-OP OBSERVER


0618 AM     HEAVY SNOW       LE MARS                 42.79N 96.17W

12/19/2008  E8.0 INCH        PLYMOUTH           IA   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0620 AM     HEAVY SNOW       JACKSON                 43.62N 94.99W

12/19/2008  E7.0 INCH        JACKSON            MN   BROADCAST MEDIA


            6 TO 8 INCHES


0620 AM     HEAVY SNOW       IDA GROVE               42.34N 95.47W

12/19/2008  E7.0 INCH        IDA                IA   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0625 AM     HEAVY SNOW       ORANGE CITY             43.00N 96.06W

12/19/2008  E8.0 INCH        SIOUX              IA   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0630 AM     HEAVY SNOW       1 N SPENCER             43.17N 95.15W

12/19/2008  M6.0 INCH        CLAY               IA   CO-OP OBSERVER


0630 AM     HEAVY SNOW       VERMILLION              42.78N 96.93W

12/19/2008  E6.0 INCH        CLAY               SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0630 AM     SNOW             YANKTON                 42.89N 97.39W

12/19/2008  M4.0 INCH        YANKTON            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER


0630 AM     SNOW             WINDOM                  43.87N 95.12W

12/19/2008  E4.0 INCH        COTTONWOOD         MN   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0632 AM     SNOW             2 SSE WINFRED           43.97N 97.35W

12/19/2008  M0.0 INCH        LAKE               SD   CO-OP OBSERVER


0632 AM     HEAVY SNOW       PONCA                   42.57N 96.71W

12/19/2008  E9.0 INCH        DIXON              NE   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0635 AM     SNOW             HURON                   44.36N 98.22W

12/19/2008  M0.7 INCH        BEADLE             SD   OFFICIAL NWS OBS


0635 AM     SNOW             MITCHELL                43.73N 98.03W

12/19/2008  E0.0 INCH        DAVISON            SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT




0640 AM     SNOW             LARCHWOOD               43.46N 96.44W

12/19/2008  E3.0 INCH        LYON               IA   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0640 AM     SNOW             MOUNTAIN LAKE           43.94N 94.93W

12/19/2008  M3.0 INCH        COTTONWOOD         MN   TRAINED SPOTTER


0650 AM     SNOW             MARSHALL                44.45N 95.79W

12/19/2008  M1.0 INCH        LYON               MN   CO-OP OBSERVER

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