CoCoRaHS March Madness 2009 is here!

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) is having its annual recruitment drive for new volunteer observers to help with this very important program. How many times have you said or heard something like "It sure would be nice if there were more reports from my area so we could see how precipitation varies across my county." We agree! We'd love to see at least 10 to 15 volunteers scattered across each county of each state. To help make this happen, CoCoRaHS encourages you to invite a friend or relative to join our network during the month of March.

The image below shows a breakdown of the number of observers signed up in each of the counties in the WFO Sioux Falls Forecast Area.

There are many areas where we could really use more observations. Even in those counties with a good number of observers, we would always like to see more.

Who uses CoCoRaHS??

CoCoRaHS is used by a wide variety of organizations and individuals.  The National Weather Service, other meteorologists, hydrologists, emergency managers, city utilities (water supply, water conservation, storm water), insurance adjusters, USDA, engineers, mosquito control, ranchers and farmers, outdoor & recreation interests, teachers, students, and neighbors in the community are just some examples of those whouse this data.

What is CoCoRaHS March Madness??

This is a fun, friendly competition between all of the states participating in CoCoRaHS to see who can sign up the most new volunteer observers. They will post the current standings on their “message of the day” each Friday morning beginning on March 6th, with the final results posted on Wednesday morning April 1st.

Let's see if we can get our area into the "Final Four"!! Sign up today, and tell your friends, family, and co-workers.


How can I sign up??

If you live in South Dakota or Iowa, just click here to sign up as a CoCoRaHS Volunteer Observer or download a .pdf version of the application and return it as soon as possible.

For those in Nebraska, you can sign up through the Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network (NE - RAIN).

In Minnesota, you can sign up through the Minnesota - HIDEN website.

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