First 80 degree day expected on April 23 across the region

The first 80 degrees is usually a sign that summer is coming to the Northern Plains.  With unusually warm weather expected on Thursday, April 23, most areas across southeast South Dakota, northwest Iowa, southwest Minnesota, and extreme northeast Nebraska will see their first 80 degree day of 2009.  Looking at the climatological records for Huron, Sioux Falls and Sioux City shows that the first 80 degree day is typically in mid to late April.  However, all three cities have reached 80 degrees in early to mid March and at times have waited as late as the end of May.  Last year, was cooler and no location reached 80 degrees until May.

Date of the first 80 degree day



Sioux Falls

Sioux City

Average date

April 23 April 23 April 16

Earliest 80 degree day

March 7, 1987 March 7, 2000 March 15, 1935

Latest 80 degree day

May 26, 1983 May 30, 1995 May 24, 1983

First 80 degree day in 2008

May 16 May 16 May 1

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