COOP Observer Appreciation Day 2009

COOP Observer Appreciation Day 2009


A good time was had by all at the 4th-ever “COOP Appreciation Day” held at the Sioux Falls office of the National Weather Service on Saturday, April 25th.  Observers from more than twenty area cooperative stations gathered to hear about the history of the weather observations in our country, how their data is used to assess past and present weather trends, and to celebrate the achievements of fellow observers who had received  length in service awards for their dedication and participation in our program.


Our own Climate Services Focal Point, Mike Gillispie, kicked off the gathering with an interesting display of slides clearly showing past warming and cooling trends…

CSFP Mike Gillispie


Following Mike, our Data Acquisition Program Manager, Don Morin showcased images of historical weather data recorded by the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin…

Here's a look at some weather entries by Benjamin Franklin recorded in July 1776...
Philly 1776  
And here is a peek at one of George Washington's journals, which included comments regarding the weather...
Finally...a chart of wind data compiled by Thomas Jefferson...
JefersonWind data

The historical slide show was followed by a demonstration of WxCoder, our premier method of electronically entering weather data from COOP stations.  A presentation explaining our COOP Awards program (which will soon be a part of our office's COOP page currently under construction) led to formal presentations of length of service awards by our MIC, Greg Harmon.

Observers receiving 10 year awards..

Poppe-10 year
Lakefield, MN area Observer
Joel Poppe

Gubbins-10 year
Iroquois, SD area Observer
Mark Gubbins

Stewart-10 year
De Smet, SD area Observer
Donna Stewart

Observer receiving 25 year award...
Waldstein-25 year
Sioux Rapis, IA area Observer
Brain Waldstein

Observer receiving 35 year award...
Briese-35 year
Correctionville, IA area Observer
Fred Briese

Then it was time for touring the office and visiting with office staff on duty.  Oh, and yes, a little time for celebration...some conversation, some coffee, and of course...Cake!

2009 Cake

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