Updated snow totals through 6 pm CST

snow totals
604 PM CST MON JAN 10 2011

..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON...
..DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

0120 PM     SNOW             MARION                  43.42N 97.26W
01/10/2011  M6.5 INCH        TURNER             SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0125 PM     SNOW             GREGORY                 43.23N 99.43W
01/10/2011  E5.0 INCH        GREGORY            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0300 PM     SNOW             WINDOM                  43.87N 95.12W
01/10/2011  E3.3 INCH        COTTONWOOD         MN   CO-OP OBSERVER

0306 PM     SNOW             BRUNSVILLE              42.81N 96.27W
01/10/2011  M8.3 INCH        PLYMOUTH           IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0315 PM     SNOW             4 N CURRIE              44.13N 95.67W
01/10/2011  M5.3 INCH        MURRAY             MN   TRAINED SPOTTER

0315 PM     SNOW             VERMILLION              42.78N 96.93W
01/10/2011  M8.5 INCH        CLAY               SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0400 PM     SNOW             SIOUX CENTER            43.08N 96.17W
01/10/2011  M6.0 INCH        SIOUX              IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0400 PM     SNOW             MITCHELL                43.73N 98.03W
01/10/2011  M8.3 INCH        DAVISON            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0400 PM     SNOW             7 SW HENDRICKS          44.44N 96.53W
01/10/2011  M6.0 INCH        BROOKINGS          SD   PUBLIC

0523 PM     SNOW             SALEM                   43.72N 97.39W
01/10/2011  M8.0 INCH        MCCOOK             SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0523 PM     SNOW             AKRON                   42.83N 96.56W
01/10/2011  M9.0 INCH        PLYMOUTH           IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0536 PM     SNOW             SIOUX CITY              42.50N 96.39W
01/10/2011  M14.1 INCH       WOODBURY           IA   OFFICIAL NWS OBS

0544 PM     SNOW             WAGNER                  43.08N 98.30W
01/10/2011  M8.3 INCH        CHARLES MIX        SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

            2 DAY TOTAL.

0546 PM     SNOW             SIOUX FALLS             43.54N 96.73W
01/10/2011  M6.2 INCH        MINNEHAHA          SD   OFFICIAL NWS OBS

0559 PM     SNOW             SIOUX CITY              42.50N 96.39W
01/10/2011  M10.5 INCH       WOODBURY           IA   BROADCAST MEDIA

            NORTH SIDE OF CITY.

0602 PM     SNOW             HURON                   44.36N 98.22W
01/10/2011  M8.5 INCH        BEADLE             SD   NWS STORM SURVEY

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