Storm Total Snowfall Ending 9 PM Saturday Evening


Storm total snowfall ending saturday evening

912 PM CST SAT JAN 22 2011

..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON...
..DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

0800 PM     SNOW             ESE WESSINGTON SPRINGS  44.08N 98.57W
01/22/2011  E1.0 INCH        JERAULD            SD   TRAINED SPOTTER

0804 PM     SNOW             1 ESE LETCHER           43.90N 98.13W
01/22/2011  E1.8 INCH        SANBORN            SD   TRAINED SPOTTER

0808 PM     SNOW             ALEXANDRIA              43.65N 97.78W
01/22/2011  E4.0 INCH        HANSON             SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT


0809 PM     SNOW             PARKSTON                43.39N 97.99W
01/22/2011  E3.0 INCH        HUTCHINSON         SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0809 PM     SNOW             OLIVET                  43.24N 97.67W
01/22/2011  E3.5 INCH        HUTCHINSON         SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0813 PM     SNOW             N WHITE LAKE            43.73N 98.71W
01/22/2011  M5.5 INCH        AURORA             SD   TRAINED SPOTTER

0815 PM     SNOW             5 S CHAMBERLAIN         43.74N 99.31W
01/22/2011  E4.0 INCH        BRULE              SD   TRAINED SPOTTER

0815 PM     SNOW             TYNDALL                 42.99N 97.86W
01/22/2011  E3.0 INCH        BON HOMME          SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

            SLIPPERY ROADS.

0818 PM     SNOW             YANKTON                 42.89N 97.39W
01/22/2011  E2.5 INCH        YANKTON            SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0819 PM     SNOW             GREGORY                 43.23N 99.43W
01/22/2011  E2.5 INCH        GREGORY            SD   AMATEUR RADIO  

0820 PM     SNOW             VERMILLION              42.78N 96.93W
01/22/2011  E2.0 INCH        CLAY               SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0823 PM     SNOW             ELK POINT               42.68N 96.68W
01/22/2011  E1.5 INCH        UNION              SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0827 PM     SNOW             NORTH SIOUX CITY        42.54N 96.50W
01/22/2011  E2.0 INCH        UNION              SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0828 PM     SNOW             PARKER                  43.40N 97.14W
01/22/2011  E1.5 INCH        TURNER             SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0829 PM     SNOW             WNW ARMOUR              43.32N 98.34W
01/22/2011  E4.5 INCH        DOUGLAS            SD   TRAINED SPOTTER

0831 PM     SNOW             PONCA                   42.57N 96.71W
01/22/2011  E5.5 INCH        DIXON              NE   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0845 PM     SNOW             LE MARS                 42.79N 96.17W
01/22/2011  E2.0 INCH        PLYMOUTH           IA   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0900 PM     SNOW             5 N SIOUX CITY          42.57N 96.39W
01/22/2011  M2.9 INCH        PLYMOUTH           IA   CO-OP OBSERVER 



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