PILOTS: NWS Hastings is Now Providing a TAF for Kearney

Pilots, after coordinating with the management and aviation partners at the Kearney Regional Airport, the NWS Hastings is now providing 24/7 TAF service for EAR as of July 1st. Just as with all other TAFs, regular updates will occur every 6 hours, with amendments as needed.

You can find the Kearney TAF at the NWS Aviation Weather Center website or your favorite private weather vendor.

One tool also available is the Tactical Decision Aid. This provides a color-coded graphical depiction of the TAF along with the current METAR. Cross winds and head winds are also plotted based on forecast winds. You can also enter the ID's for any other airports that have TAF service.

Don't forget that each NWS office issues a Forecast Discussion specifically for aviation customers. These discussions are issued with each scheduled TAF issuance (00Z, 06Z, 12Z, and 18Z) and they include additional information that may not necessarily be included explicitly in the TAFs. This can include uncertainty information, forecaster confidence, and possibly alternate scenarios.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email Jeff Halblaub, Aviation Program Manager, at jeffrey.halblaub @ noaa.gov (without the spaces surrounding the "at" symbol).

We hope this aids in your decision-making and enhances safety at EAR.

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