Heavy Rain Reports from August 6th and 7th

Late night thunderstorms dumped a narrow swath of heavy rain across a part of north central Kansas. The heaviest rain fell across the southern half of Rooks and Osborne counties, and was generally along Kansas State Highway 18 from Damar to south of Natoma. In Damar, 5.65 inches was reported by the NWS Cooperative Observer. The axis of heavy rain, generally 3 to 6 inches, fell mostly within the Paradise Creek Basin. Flooding was reported in southeast Rooks county by local law enforcement due to the extensive runoff.


Rainfall Ending at 7:00 am, Thursday, August 7th for some locations in north central Kansas

Damar  5.65" 
Glen Elder (this rain fell Wednesday afternoon)  4.00"
16 miles south of Osborne  3.10"
Hill City  2.78"
11 miles northeast of Hays  1.90"
Palco  1.78"
1 mile southwest of Plainville  1.60"
Russell  1.49"
Lenora  0.80"
Norton Dam  0.57"
Phillipsburg Airport  0.41"


The image below is a storm total precipitation (STP) estimate from the Hastings NWS Doppler Radar. Yellow colors represent precipitation estimates in excess of 2.50 inches. Red colors represent precipitation estimates in excess of 5 inches.  Note the path of heavy rain from the Hill City area southeast through the Palco and Natoma areas, and then into Lincoln county Kansas.  Earlier in the day on Wednesday, locally heavy rain fell across parts of Smith, Jewell and Mitchell counties. Glen Elder reported 4 inches of rain and much of Mitchell county recieved 2 to 4 inches of rain from those storms.



   NOAA/NWS Hastings, Nebraska


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