Flooding from August 23 and 24


Intense thunderstorms late Saturday night and early Sunday morning dumped up to around 5 inches of rain on some parts of south central Nebraska and north central Kansas.  One area of heavy rain was centered on western Harlan and northeast Furnas Counties in south central Nebraska. The other area of extremely heavy rain was located across most of Phillips, Osborne and Rooks counties in north central Kansas.


An observer on the Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network reported 5.81 inches of rain 4 miles northwest of Oxford, Nebraska.  A National Weather Service Cooperative Observer located six miles northwest of Oxford, Nebraska reported 4.93 inches of rain. Yet another Cooperative Observer located two miles southwest of Alton, Kansas measured 4.80 inches of rain. A list of more significant rainfall reports is included below.

Rainfall Totals In Excess Of 2 Inches From Saturday Morning Through Sunday Morning

Oxford NE (4 miles NW)


Oxford NE (6 miles NNW)


Alton KS (2 miles SW)


Woodston KS (1 mile S)


Orleans NE


Stamford NE


Phillipsburg KS


Osborne KS (17 miles S)


Stockton KS (9 miles N)


Glade KS (1 mile S)


Portis KS


Natoma KS


Osborne KS (1 mile S)


Logan KS


Woodruff KS (3 miles WSW)


Cawker City KS


An image of estimated rainfall from the Hastings, Nebraska National Weather Service (NWS) Doppler Radar is also pictured below. The locations in red on the radar image are likely locations where 4-6 inches of rain fell.

Additional rainfall reports from around Nebraska can be found at the following link: NeRAIN website


Due to the runoff from the copious rainfall, numerous creeks, streams and some rivers have flooded. There have been several reports of county roads and some highways underwater. The NWS in Hastings has issued Flood Warnings for much of north central Kansas and a small part of south central Nebraska.  Interestingly enough, though flooding has been widespread and extensive, eventually most of the water will run into three reservoirs in the area. Harlan County Reservoir, Kirwin Reservoir and Waconda Lake will all be the main beneficiaries of this rainfall as the runoff eventually reaches those three destinations.

The latest flood warnings, statements and river gauge information can be found at the at the following link: NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service page. 

Storm Total Radar Precipitation (Rainfall) Estimate

(Late Satuday night August, 23 and early Sunday morning August 24)


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