Thanksgiving Day Climatology for the Tri-Cities

 Thanksgiving Day Climatology for the Tri-Cities

   Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, Thanksgiving Day is on November 27, though the date of the holiday varies each year, and ranges from November 22nd through the 28th. Historically speaking, Thanksgiving Day weather epitomizes the variability we have come to expect in Nebraska and Kansas. Since 1980, the weather on Thanksgiving Day has varied from bitter cold to balmy and everything in between.  Precipitation on the holiday itself has been sparse the last 28 years, although snow is no stranger to late November weather.

   Generally speaking, normal high temperatures on Thanksgiving range from 41 to 44 degrees, while low temperatures vary from 19 to 24 degrees. Last year, high temperatures were in the 30s and lows were around 15 degrees. Since 1980, there have been two Thanksgiving Days which were bitterly cold. November 25, 1993 was the coldest in that span, as high temperatures ranged from 10 degrees at Kearney to 17 degrees at Hastings. Low temperatures were right at zero degrees. Another cold one was 1985, when temperatures struggled for the teens in the afternoon, after morning low temperatures in the single digits.  In 1983, one of the biggest Thanksgiving weekend storms ever hammered much of the area, and was the welcome mat for the coldest December on record that year.  On the flip side, 1998 was one of the warmest on record as all of the Tri-Cities topped the 70 degree mark. In Grand Island and Hastings, November 27th 1998 was a record breaker.

   Here is a look back at some Thanksgiving Day climatological information for Grand Island, Hastings and Kearney, Nebraska. Normal data is for the period 1971 through 2000.


  Grand Island Kearney Hastings
Normal High (11/27/08) 41 degrees 42 degrees 42 degrees
Average High since 1980 (all Thanksgiving Days) 46 degrees 44 degrees 47 degrees
Normal Low (11/27/08) 21 degrees 20 degrees 22 degrees
Average Low since 1980 (all Thanksgiving Days) 23 degrees 21 degrees 23 degrees
Record High for November 27th 73 in 1998 75 in 1960 71 in 1998
Record Low for November 27th -7 in 1976 -2 in 1976 0 in 1976
Record Precipitation for November 27th 1.47" in 1983 0.50" in 1983 1.51" in 1994
Record Snowfall for November 27th 10.2" in 1983 5.0" in 1983 10.5" in 1983
Record Snowdepth for Nov. 27th (taken at 6 am) 7" in 1975 3" in 1976 10" in 1975


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