Snowfall Map From Tuesday, December 16th

A fast moving upper level disturbance spread snow across much of south central Nebraska and north central Kansas on Tuesday, December 16, 2008. Snow began falling in the pre-dawn hours, and already by noon precipitation had largely moved east of the area.

Snowfall amounts were highest along and east of Highway 281, with most places picking up between 2 and 4 inches. Farther west, snowfall totals gradually tapered off, with locations such as Cozad and Cambridge reporting only a trace up to a few tenths of an inch.

  • The graphic below depicts storm total snowfall, based on numerous reports from National Weather Service Cooperative Observers and local law enforcement. The colors reflect a general overview of the accumulation breakdown by area, and don't necessarily reflect actual values at every point in the area. Below the graphic is a table of snowfall reports, ranking them from highest to lowest amounts:


INCHES  LOCATION                 ST  COUNTY           TIME  
------  -----------------------  --  --------------   -------  
  4.00   CLAY CENTER              NE  CLAY             0459 PM  
  3.50   BRUNING                  NE  THAYER           0444 PM  
  3.50   4 S SHICKLEY             NE  FILLMORE         0443 PM  
  3.10   HUNTER                   KS  MITCHELL         0413 PM  
  3.00   IONIA                    KS  JEWELL           0508 PM  
  3.00   JEWELL                   KS  JEWELL           0507 PM  
  3.00   6 ESE CLAY CENTER        NE  CLAY             0452 PM  
  3.00   3 NE SHELBY              NE  POLK             0413 PM  
  3.00   FULLERTON                NE  NANCE            0413 PM  
  2.60   MANKATO                  KS  JEWELL           0455 PM  
  2.30   GRAND ISLAND             NE  HALL             0637 PM  
  2.10   CENTRAL CITY             NE  MERRICK          0413 PM  
  2.00   ORLEANS                  NE  HARLAN           0637 PM  
  2.00   GUIDE ROCK               NE  WEBSTER          0637 PM  
  2.00   4 SE PHILLIPS            NE  HAMILTON         0445 PM  
  2.00   3 N YORK                 NE  YORK             0413 PM  
  2.00   SPALDING                 NE  GREELEY          0413 PM  
  2.00   SMITH CENTER             KS  SMITH            0413 PM  
  1.50   NATOMA                   KS  OSBORNE          0637 PM  
  1.50   GREELEY                  NE  GREELEY          0455 PM  
  1.50   4 N HASTINGS             NE  ADAMS            0413 PM  
  1.50   RAVENNA                  NE  BUFFALO          0413 PM  
  1.30   7 NNE GRAND ISLAND       NE  HALL             0413 PM  
  1.00   PHILLIPSBURG             KS  PHILLIPS         0637 PM  
  1.00   MINDEN                   NE  KEARNEY          0637 PM  
  1.00   HOLDREGE                 NE  PHELPS           0637 PM  
  1.00   DAMAR                    KS  ROOKS            0413 PM  
  1.00   4 N ST. PAUL             NE  HOWARD           0413 PM  
  1.00   LOUP CITY                NE  SHERMAN          0413 PM  
  1.00   NORTH LOUP               NE  VALLEY           0413 PM  
  0.80   ORD                      NE  VALLEY           0637 PM  
  0.20   CAMBRIDGE                NE  FURNAS           0637 PM  
  0.00   8 S ELWOOD               NE  GOSPER           0637 PM  
                  ONLY A TRACE OF SNOW  
  0.00   COZAD                    NE  DAWSON           0637 PM  
                  ONLY A TRACE OF SNOW  

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