Dry Start To The Year and A Dry March

     Unless Tuesday's precipitation comes in like gangbusters...March 2009 will turn out to be one of the driest March's of record for the Tri-cities of Grand Island...Kearney...and Hastings...as well as one of the driest starts to the year when evaluating January through March 2009 data.      
Station March 1st - 30th 2009 Precipitation (Rank) All-Time Driest March January - March 30th 2009 Precipitation (Rank) All-Time Driest January - March
Grand Island (since 1895) 0.13 (7th driest) 0.00 in 1907 1.31 (17th driest) 0.59 in 1972
Hastings (since 1894) 0.05 (4th driest) 0.00 in 1918,1929,1936 1.05 (12th driest) 0.65 in 1929
Kearney (since 1894) 0.01 (2nd driest) 0.00 in 1895 0.38 (2nd driest) 0.36 in 1904

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