April 28-30 Rainfall Totals

 Rainfall Wednesday and Thursday added up to some pretty significant amounts at several locations in south central Nebraska and north central Kansas. The image and table below summarizes 2-day rainfall totals roughly through Thursday morning. In this case, two rain events occurred, one very early Wednesday morning on April 29, and the other during the morning hours of Thursday, April 30.  Smith Center, Kansas reported over 2" of rain during that time. Most locations in south central Nebraska and north central Kansas picked up some rain, although rain amounts varied widely from location to location.


City County 2-Day Rainfall
Smith Center, KS Smith 2.27"
Lebanon, KS Smith 1.96"
1N Burr Oak, KS Jewell 1.75"
4S Blue Hill, NE Webster 1.71"
Mankato, KS Jewell 1.60"
Hebron, NE Thayer 1.57"
Ionia, KS Jewell 1.47"
Aurora, NE (airport) Hamilton 1.22"
Grand Island, NE (airport) Hall 1.21"
Fullerton, NE Nance 1.20"
Naponee, NE Franklin 1.17"
Cawker City, KS Mitchell 1.15"
Holdrege, NE (city) Phelps 0.99"
4SE Phillips, NE Hamilton 0.98"
Orleans, NE Harlan 0.95"
Phillpsburg, KS Phillips 0.93"
Holdrege, NE (airport) Phelps 0.89"
Franklin, NE Franklin 0.83"
Wilsonville, NE Furnas 0.81"
4N St. Paul, NE Howard 0.80"
Minden, NE Kearney 0.79"
Superior, NE Nuckolls 0.79"
Ashton, NE Sherman 0.74"
Bruning, NE Thayer 0.67"
Kearney, NE Buffalo 0.67"
Alton, KS Osborne 0.66"
8S Elwood, NE Gosper 0.66"
6ESE Clay Center, NE Clay 0.65"
Beloit, KS Mitchell 0.64"
Loup City, NE Sherman 0.59"
Osceola, NE Polk 0.58"
Oxford, NE Furnas 0.57"
Wood River, NE Hall 0.57"
Edison, NE Furnas 0.56"
Hastings, NE (airport) Adams 0.55"
Clay Center, NE Clay 0.50"
Wolbach, NE Greeley 0.49"
4N York, NE York 0.48"
Fairmont, NE Fillmore 0.41"
Hunter, KS Mitchell 0.41"
Miller, NE Buffalo 0.37"
North Loup, NE Valley 0.30"
York, NE (airport) York 0.30"
Lexington, NE (airport) Dawson 0.26"
Ord, NE (airport) Valley 0.07"



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This page was composed by the staff at the National Weather Service in Hastings, Nebraska.


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