2009 - A Summary of Tornadoes and Significant Weather Events

         A Look Back at 2009        

The following is a summary of significant weather events of 2009 which impacted south central Nebraska and north central Kansas. Each month contains a summary of web stories and the events which occurred.  A compiled list of the Tornadoes of 2009 is also listed below.  

Our Top Weather Highlights of 2009 include:  The Christmas 2009 Blizzard, June 17 Tornado near Aurora, NE, December 7-9th Snowstorm, the early season Severe Weather April 4th and 5th, and the cold spells during the Summer, October and the record snowy December for some locations. 

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Tornadoes 2009 - Last year marked just four days with the occurrence of tornadoes in south central Nebraska, while in north central Kansas, there were no tornadoes reported during the year.  The strongest developed on June 17th, when an EF2 tornado touched down west of Aurora, NE on Highway 34, then traveled east approximately five miles before lifting.  In its path, it destroyed a house and several outbuildings, power poles, trees, and overturned about a dozen railroad cars. 


 2009 Tornado Summary for south central Nebraska and north central Kansas

April 4 2.5 miles south southeast of Fairfield, NE to 1 mile west of
Fairfield, NE
3.03 miles 50 yards EF0 0  0
April 4 1 mile east of Sutton, NE 0.10 mile 25 yards EF0  0 0
 June 15

0.6 mile south of Assumption, NE to 1.2 miles south southeast of
Assumption, NE

  0.69 mile  250 yards EF0 0 0
June 15 3 miles south of Shelton, NE 0.10 mile 20 yards  EF0 0 0
June 17

approximately 9.5 miles north northwest of Gibbon, NE to
approximately 8.4 miles north northwest of Gibbon, NE

1.11 miles 200 yards  EF1 0 0
June 17 approximately 9.6 miles north northwest of Gibbon, NE 0.21 mile 25 yards EF0  0  0
 June 17 approximately 5.5 miles northwest of Shelton, NE
to 5.1miles north northwest of Shelton, NE
 3.57 miles 100 yards EF0  0 0
June 17 3.3 miles southwest of Grand Island, NE to 2 miles south
of Grand Island, NE
1.86 miles 20 yards  EF0  0 0
June 17

3 miles south southwest of Phillips, NE to 3.4 miles south
southwest of Phillips, NE

0.99 mile 25 yards  EF0 0 0
 June 17 approximately 8 miles west of Aurora, NE to 3 miles west of Aurora, NE  5.12 miles 450 yards  EF2 0  0
September 24 2.6 miles southwest of Holliger, NE  0.10 mile 20 yards  EF0  0  0

 The map below illustrates the locations of the 2009 tornadoes.  Click on the map to enlarge.



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