Severe Weather Recap -- May 6, 2010

During the evening hours of Thursday, May 6, 2010, a corridor of strong to severe thunderstorms developed north of a surface warm front stretched from west to east across Kansas. Most severe weather in the NWS Hastings coverage area affected locations along and 15 miles either side of the Nebraska-Kansas border. Several storms became elevated supercells, producing considerable amounts of large hail, and also some damaging winds. Some locations saw multiple episodes of hail, as one storm after another tracked from west to east across the area.

(If you have any photos of hail or wind damage from these storms, please feel free to e-mail them to:                                                            

Severe Weather:

  • Hail was widespread in counties near the Nebraska and Kansas border, with the largest reported hail stones up to golf ball size, reported 2 miles west of Osborne, KS, and also 4 miles southwest of Riverton, NE.
  • Fortunately, most of these storms did not produce widespread damaging winds. However, a major exception was found across portions of Jewell County KS, where an unofficial 71 MPH gust was measured in Mankato, and a 16-by-24 foot hoop-barn hog shed was destroyed 5 miles east of Esbon.
  • Click on the image below for an "interactive" map of PRELIMINARY storm reports.

These photos, courtesy of Rebecca Wells of Damar, KS, depict copious amounts of small hail from these storms. Just a few miles north of Damar, considerably larger hail to around half-dollar size was reported.


  • The radar loop below, courtesy of the Iowa Environmental Mesonet (Iowa State University), depicts storms across southern NE and northern KS between 8pm-1am, May 6-7, 2010. 

- The NWS Hastings 30-county coverage area is depicted within the orange outlined area  labeled "GID"                                 

- Interstate Highways are depicted by the thick red and black lines

- Preliminary local storm reports pop up on the image as small white triangles (for example, "Hail 1.5" indicates hail 1.5 inches in diameter) 




  • Summarized in the tables and graphics below is a partial listing of rainfall totals from May 6-7, 2010, ending around 7 AM on the 7th. These reports are from a variety of sources, including NWS Cooperative Observers and automated systems at area airports and along rivers. A special thanks goes to the CoCoRaHS program and Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network (NeRAIN) for providing a wealth of precipitation information to the NWS.
  • Please note that the "Top 10" list only reflects rainfall totals accessible by NWS Hastings through "official" sources or via the Internet. It is likely that locally heavy rain also affected portions of the area from which gauge readings were not accessible or known.
  • Click Here and HereTo Find Additional Daily Precipitation And Temperature Information                       

"Top 10" Rainfall Totals May 6-7, 2010

Location May 6-7 Total Rainfall


Webber, KS (3 miles ENE)
1.14" CoCoRaHS observer
Byron, NE 1.12" NeRAIN observer
Gilead, NE
1.08" NeRAIN observer
Scottsville, KS (5 SSW)
0.95" CoCoRaHS observer
Deshler, NE (5 SSW)
0.95" NeRAIN observer
Hebron, NE
0.92" NWS Coop Observer
Hardy, NE (4 E) 0.86" NeRAIN observer
Tobias, NE (2 WSW)
0.83" NeRAIN observer
Ruskin, NE (3 W)  0.83" NeRAIN observer
Superior, NE (7 NE)
  0.82" NeRAIN observe



Various Other Locations   

Location May 6-7 Total Rainfall Source
Hastings, NE  (airport) 0.61" ASOS (automated)

Beloit, KS

0.60" NWS Coop Observer
Grand Island, NE  (airport) 0.60" ASOS (automated)
Hastings, NE  (NWS Office) 0.58"  NWS Obs
York, NE  (3 miles N) 0.52" NWS Coop Observer
Kearney, NE  (airport)  0.51" NWS Coop Observer
Holdrege, NE  0.49" NWS Coop Observer
Minden, NE 0.49" NWS Coop Observer
Loup City, NE   0.47" NWS Coop Observer
Ord, NE   0.39" NWS Coop Observer
Phillipsburg, KS
0.28" NWS Coop Observer
Smith Center, KS  0.27" NWS Coop Observer


The graphic below depicts an approximation of 24-HOUR RAINFALL totals ending around 7 AM on the morning of May 7, 2010.

Current Rainfall Map


Click Here For Archived Experimental Rainfall Maps of NWS Hastings Coverage Area

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This page was composed by the staff at the National Weather Service in Hastings, Nebraska.

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