Cool Start...Warm Finish to May (May Weather Summary)


 Monthly Weather Summary

May 2010*

* with links to significant events and preliminary climate information for several cities (including Kearney, Hastings and Grand island)


May was the tail of two climates, at least in terms of temperature across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas. Temperatures were below normal during the first 3 weeks of the month, thanks mostly to a series of upper level low pressure systems which slowly migrated across the central United States. Around May 20th, things changed as high temperatures soared into the 80s and increased low level moisture made for a decidedly muggy feel. The warmer than normal final 10 days or so of the month was welcome to those who wanted some warm, more summer-like temperatures. Though we ended on a warm note, May was cooler than normal overall.

Memorial Day weekend was a good example of the kind of variability the month brought. On Saturday, May 29, it was warm and windy with high temperatures well into the 80s and lower 90s, or some 10 to 15 degrees above normal. A cold front moved though late Saturday night, and by the time it had passed, high temperatures dropped into the 60s and 70s, or 5 to 10 degrees below normal. Then on Memorial Day itself, temperatures were seasonal as high temperatures topped out near 80 degrees, or right about where they should have been.

Moisture during the month was highly variable, which is pretty typical for this part of the county. In general, it was a slightly drier than normal month, although there were exceptions. Hastings had a very wet month with 5.95" of rain recorded at the Hastings Airport. Grand Island (Airport) was also slightly wettter than normal. Average precipitation in May for the area as a whole is about 4 inches.

May 2010 was a relatively quiet month in terms of severe weather across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas. There were no tornadoes reported in the area and only three days of significant severe weather; May 6th and May 23rd & 24th.  May was also a pretty windy month with winds gusting over 40 mph on several days.

Here are links to significant weather events in May:


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May 23: Severe Weather Reports
May 24: Peak Wind Gusts
May 24: Severe Weather Reports
May 30: Locally Heavy Rainfall


Here is a short summary of preliminary temperature and precipitation information for selected cities across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas. Not all sites have the same climate data available.


Location Average High (F)
Average Low (F)
Average Temperature (F)
Departure from Normal (F)
Precipitation Departure from Normal
Grand Island, NE
69.9 48.4
1.5 degrees  below normal
4.24" + 0.17"
Hastings, NE
69.0 49.0 59.0  2.5 degrees below normal
5.95" + 1.36"
Kearney, NE
68.8 47.6
58.2 1.0 degrees below normal 3.36"
 - 0.76"
Ord, NE 68.9 44.5 56.7 Normals not available
2.32" - 1.46"
Holdrege, NE 70.0 48.7 59.4 0.3 degrees below normal 4.37"  -0.03"
York, NE 71.0 49.3 60.1 Normals Not Available 2.00" Normals not available
Hebron, NE 71.3 50.8 61.0 0.3 degrees above normal 2.99" - 1.47"
Aurora, NE 70.1 48.6 59.4 1.5 degrees below normal 3.54" - 1.14"
Smith Center, KS 74.1 50.8 62.4 1.2 degrees below normal 3.82" - 0.07 "
Beloit, KS 72.8 51.0 61.9 2.0 degrees below normal
- 0.83"
Phillipsurg, KS 72.2 48.9 60.5 1.5 degrees below normal 3.38" - 0.76"


   For more climate related information, check out the following websites:


This page was composed by the staff at the National Weather Service in Hastings, Nebraska.


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