June 13 Tornado Damage Survey Furnas County, NE

Damage Survey Results

Furnas County, NE Tornado Damage

June 13th, 2010

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Personnel from the National Weather Service in Hastings, NE conducted a damage survey on June 14, 2010, for a severe weather event that occurred during the evening of June 13. Visual assessment of the damage led the team to confirm a tornado occurred with the storm in Furnas County, Nebraska, approximately 6 miles southwest of Beaver City.   Most of the tornadic path placed it over rural areas, with the main damage noted to trees. However, one farmstead was struck and received significant damage. Several metal buildings of various sizes sustained major  damage or were destroyed. Three round grain bins were blown away. A large propane tank was blown approximately 40 yards to the northeast, and a four wheeler ended up 100 yards from its original position.   A semi trailer was moved, while several farm implements suffered damage. Quite a bit of tin from the buildings was noted downwind, with some of it being lofted into the trees of a shelter belt, about a half mile east northeast of the farmstead. The house had broken windows and some  siding torn off. Significant tree damage was also evident at the farm.
Based on the damage, the tornado was given an EF-1 rating (Enhanced Fujita Scale), with a maximum wind speed of 105 mph. The path length was around 1.8 miles with a maximum width of 300 yards.
The NWS would like to thank Furnas County Emergency Manager, Roger Powell, for his assistance during the survey. We also appreciate the graciousness of the family whose farm was hit, for letting us conduct the survey. 


Storm Damage Survey Map

Photographs of the Storm Damage.

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Garage Damage  Garage Damage - right side

 Remains of Barn Wall

Metal Twisted Around Pole 

Foundation of Chicken Coop  Two Foundations of Silo's

Damage to Left Side of House  Window Damage from Flying Debris 
Flying Debris Lands Under Semi Trailer  ATV Damaged 

Pictures taken by Carol Cartier.



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