June 16, 2011 Severe Weather Summary (Damaging Winds)

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June 16, 2011

Severe Weather Event

Damaging Wind Gusts In Very Separate Areas

To the right is a National Weather Service Radar loop
from 8:20 pm CDT June 16th to 12:00 am CDT June 17th.

The NWS Hastings coverage area is located within the orange outlined area labeled "GID", with the interstates in red.

(Click Radar Loop To Enlarge)

Severe Weather Summary:

The evening hours of Thursday, June 16, 2011 brought damaging wind gusts to separate portions of the NWS Hastings County Warning Area. Generally between 8pm and 10pm, parts of Rooks, Osborne and Mitchell Counties in North Central Kansas experienced a prolonged period of wind gusts of 60-80 MPH. What was unique about these strong winds was that the thunderstorms responsible for producing them were mainly focused at least 20-40 miles south of the area.

A bit later in the evening, mainly between 1030 and 1115 PM, a line of severe thunderstorms with damaging winds marched into South Central Nebraska from the west, mainly impacting Dawson County before weakening.

Here are a few "highlights" of the event, based on reports from storm spotters/chasers, local law enforcement, emergency management, and the public:

  • Estimated wind gust to 70 MPH near Gothenburg Nebraska around 1040 PM. Road signs blown over along Highway 30 near Cozad. Measured 62 MPH gust at Lexington airport at 1055 PM. 
  • Widespread wind gusts to around 60-80 MPH or higher across parts of Rooks, Osborne and Mitchell Counties in Kansas during the evening. In the community of Osborne, the county emergency manager reported several instances of damage, including: TREES 1-2 FEET IN DIAMETER...ALONG WITH SEVERAL SMALLER LIMBS...WERE KNOCKED DOWN ACROSS TOWN. TWO METAL BUILDINGS WERE ALSO DAMAGED...ONE HAD A DOOR AND WALL BLOWN OUT...THE OTHER WAS MOVED APPROXIMATELY 100 YARDS FROM ITS ORIGINAL LOCATION. WINDS WERE ESTIMATED AT 80 MPH.

    For an interactive listing of the PRELIMINARY storm reports, please click the linked image below. 


     June 16, 2011 Storm Reports.
    Click image for detailed reports.


This page was composed by the staff at the National Weather Service in Hastings, Nebraska.

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