July 2012: Severe Weather Reports

The interactive geographic information systems (GIS) map below shows severe hail (one inch or greater) and
wind for south central Nebraska and north central Kansas for the entire month of July 2012. Pan, zoom, or
click on the map. Clicking on the points will give you a description of size, magnitude, location, and/or any
other possible information.
Once data are collected for August, GIS maps for hail, wind, and any possible tornadoes will be made as well.
Look for these maps in the first couple of weeks in September.
Notes: The time is in UTC. Click here (opens in a separate window) for a UTC time converter. Hail size is the
diameter of the hailstone. Some wind speeds are unknown but a description of damage will be in the comment. 
Wind speeds are in MPH. Click on "Legend" to expand the legend.  Certain features may have overlapping
data, so once you click on a feature in the map, be sure to click the "play" button in the upper right hand
corner of the pop-up window to sort through the different severe weather reports.

Disclaimer: This map contains data that may have changed after prolonged periods during which surveys or event
research was conducted. Refer to the National Climatic Data Center for the most current information.

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